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ABC news. I'm Richard Cantu. At least three and maybe as many as five killed in a mid air collision near Ketchikan Alaska of two airplanes carrying sixteen people in total Tanner hospitalized. One on accounted for ABC news aviation consultant, John Nance says the two planes were sightseeing aircraft both full planes built by to have one. At one is hotter. Carried at least ten passengers on the other a beaver these are aircraft that may be up to a half a century old. But they're very much in service that at very rugged aircraft used throughout southeast Alaska, National Transportation Safety board. Investigators are headed for catch can a jury in Oakland, California, ordered Monsanto to pay more than two billion dollars in punitive damages to a couple claiming the company's roundup weed killer cause both their cancers Alvin Albert pill Yod sprayed roundup on their properties. For over three decades now in their seventies. Both have non Hodgkin's lymphoma on believe it was caused by the roundup. We wish that monks had warned us. Ahead of time. This is third massive verdict against Monsanto now owned by bear bears will appeal and like stone ABC President Trump says he's right where he wants to be in the trade war with China. President Trump boasted that in this escalating conflict the US is winning. You look at what we've done thus far with China. We've never taken ten cents until I got elected. Now, we're taking in billions and billions the president keeps saying that China is paying the US billions of dollars in tariffs. But fact, check that's not true. China's not paying a dime to the US importers American firms pay the tariffs, and they usually pass on those costs to American consumer ABC's, Terry Moran. Authorities in Orlando arrested Terry Bruce for trying to get into the magic kingdom at DisneyWorld with a nine millimeter pistol in two loaded clips, it's all the Orlando Sentinel. He didn't realize the gun was in his backpack. You're listening to ABC news doors are being slammed in your face and bad credit is. Is holding you back from buying a house car even getting a credit card ninety nine dollars can put your credit.

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