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Twenty four seven he's working every day of the week. Making deals between them and companies that we we work with sports to make the business back. So it's a nonstop job. And. Mostly a thankless job. And I think right now, I enjoy the drive inside of it. While like I can still race that'd be competitive and maybe down the road, I can slowly start taking over little pieces problem and take some stress off of them. Just send him Rodney hit get hit Rodney on on the payroll. I don't know how good he Rodney would be good on the business side. I think he at home row. I don't know. Different kinds of sponsor. He's a he probably good denim sponsor. Jordan Taylor Rolex twenty four hour her joining us here the freak nation. And when you see the amount of rain, and you know, the fans are doing their best to hang out. And and catch whatever racing. They can how much do take into consideration as you're driving of what a crap show. It is for the fans that we're trying to raise the weather. Yes. I actually have a good story about that. You're like I was in the car from like. AM to four AM. Rain hasn't come yet. But it was freezing out. Three o'clock in the morning and a yellow came out. And I looked. The dog like there's a little grand theft. And I looked in the grand the four three or four guys sitting at the top of it. And one of them wasn't Rodney sense here. I'd love to figure out who that guy was. It was awesome. Every time. I drove by under yellow he's just standing there with his DuPont, jacket, and jeans..

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