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Role in a film full of bizarre roles but yeah he just no effort to not be british the i mean there weren't even like a lot of very strong new york accent senate rhetoric really makes sense she's cabby sort of sort of sort of bourgnon but this kind of his voice yeah yeah i don't think he was doing a thing debra hilas producer she did a lot of john carr jerzy longtime partner john carpenter she also did the fisher king adventures babysitting uh the dead's the deadzone and clue so she's had a lotta oh credits there was something interesting this movie symbolized their move into being juncker brand debra hills move into being kind of a a big time film like this was their first union film and run is that easily low budget um he added this was director at that yeah and i mean he always sort of this but this was his first rate but he started make do you fills it yes yeah like christine and when i found interesting was the fact that what they did was they wanted to use all the same cruise halloween but none none of them were they're all in indy crews so debra hill signed an exclusive contract with them and then signed a union contract which forced them all into the union oh nice yeah because to be in the union you have to work thirty days on a union film which makes it impossible consecutive days for i don't know is that the rule was to work thirty days on a on a union film is a qualification for being in the union so it's really hard to do that when you're not in the union and so that's how she got around it is that she made herself contractually tied to her crew.

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