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Considered from NPR News. I'm Ari Shapiro. An explosion ripped through downtown Nashville early this morning, injuring at least three people. Force blew out parts of buildings and shattered windows. People just waking up on Christmas Day could hear the blast miles away. Local and federal investigators say. It appears to have been unintentional act. We're joined now by Damon Mitchell of member station W. PLN in Nashville. Hi, Damon. Irony. What else can you tell us about the explosion? How we know police responded to a shots fired call and about 5:30 A.m. this morning when I got there. Police didn't find a gunman when they arrive, but they did see a parked RV that they called suspicious. Police also heard an audio recording from the RV, telling people to evacuate. Police called the bomb squad and Darby exploded around 6:30 A.m. as they waited for the bomb squad team to arrive. Then the bus was so strong that it knocked down one officer and actually gave another officer temporary hearing loss. Mm. Nashville is known as music City. Of course, thousands of tourists flocked there every year. Can you just describe the area where the explosion happened? That's right, And this area isn't the busiest part of downtown, but it is a popular strip that's ducked off. From the heavy tourist area where all the country music hockey tongues are. There are bars, businesses, hotels and historic brick build high rises where people do live. And one thing I'll say is that today is Christmas, the holiday. It's Cold here in Nashville s. Oh, there weren't a whole lot of people out. Interesting and I understand you went to the scene earlier today. What does it look like? Right now There's shattered glass and debris covering the sidewalks and rolls. Businesses did have their windows blown out. You'll also notice burned up vehicles. There were small fires when they exposed it first happened. The crime scene is blocked off. The scene actually consists of several blocks is not just like a contained area, but there are plenty of onlookers outside kind of standing around and shocking disbelief at the moment. Now the FBI is investigating the case working with local police and other agencies. Have we heard anything more about a possible motive or who may have done this? That's the big question that their wedding to get answers. All right now, we don't know anything about a possible motive. We do know that there are focusing, of course on the RV that's kind of the big subject. Right now. A couple questions are where it's from who parked their RV there? How long was it? Their downtown Nashville is an area with a lot of cameras in police are hopeful that they'll be able to use that to their advantage. They'll be reviewing footage and asking residents who live in the area to call in with any tips. Um, and also interviewing witnesses as they come up throughout the day, and, you know, investigators are currently looking for clues. Just to kind of get a better picture on what a timeline is and what the motive was. And just trying to get a better handle on who the suspects could possibly be. That's Damon Mitchell of member station WPL End in Nashville, where authorities are investigating the explosion that happened early this morning, injuring three people, Damon, Thank you for your reporting, especially on this holiday. Thank you already appreciated. If President Trump does not agree to sign the latest coronavirus relief bill, it could threaten the most significant climate change legislation and over a decade. The package includes tax credit extensions for wind and solar power and more money for research into cleaner forms of energy. Even more significant. NPR's Jeff Brady reports. There's a phase down of heat trapping gasses currently used in refrigerators and air conditioners. These gasses are called hydrofluorocarbons or HFCs. They're great in air conditioners and refrigerators, but when they escape into the atmosphere there an incredibly potent greenhouse gas Have more than 1000 times the heat trapping power of carbon dioxide under the new Deal, 85% of these hey, KFC's would phase out over 15 years. Environmental groups supported the legislation. So did the A C and refrigeration industries. Samantha Slater, with the Air Conditioning Heating and Refrigeration Institute, says her members see business opportunity in the change. We want to make the new refrigerants here in the United States right and then export them across the world as well. The legislation would fulfill an international agreement to phase out HFCs from the final days of the Obama administration. US still hasn't ratified what was dubbed the Kigali amendment. But much of the rest of the world has that left US companies worried that foreign competitors would dominate their changing industries. With everyone meeting the same phase down requirement, Those companies say they could better compete. Now, if you don't know much about refrigerants in your home, don't worry, Slater says. You wouldn't need to do anything. No one needs to go out and buy a new air conditioner. The air conditioner they have will work until the end of its useful life. And there will be refrigerant available to use for for the contractors that come into your home to service that equipment. Same for your refrigerator. Still for climate change, this would be a big deal. Air conditioning and refrigeration is growing, especially in developing countries. David Doniger with the natural resource is defense counsel says With the existing HFC refrigerants, you would have seen about the equivalent of 70 billion tons of CEO to added to the atmosphere in the form of HFCs between now and 2050. That would have made climate change worse. The question now is whether the U. S. Will pass this legislation and join other countries in reducing the use of HFC refrigerants, Doniger says globally, this phase down will prevent about a half degree Celsius of global warming. Since the goal of the Paris agreement is the limit warming toe under two degrees, this change is significant. Doniger says there's something else that made him optimistic about the bipartisan deal. Environmental groups and affected industries agree this legislation is important. It's proof that the climate problem is so real and so serious that The underlying current in industry and in Congress is running towards solutions. Republicans supported this HFC phase down despite a Trump administration that has been hostile to new climate policies. As president elect Biden takes office next month with his ambitious climate plan, those involved in this deal hope it will become a model for future efforts and.

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