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It's got the whole crew as scott bud telling you how to make money because but but it a fall like there's two things you're gonna get if you hang out with but elliott okay you're going to get well grilled meat and a very detailed description of how he grilled said meet <hes> <hes> and you're going to get you're going to get profits if you gamble and you win with bud legally gamble legally with bud and use those profits to by more meet its cycle call at the elliott cycle and <hes> frankly. It's a winner especially because public school kids you only gotta remember to thanks thanks. That's it money and meet get the money. Give me the money money and meet welcomed at the university of texas. Eh notice notice money meat. We didn't say anything about ten wins. Did we didn't say it darn thing about ten wins. We have <hes> the topic today of my favorite thing which is trying to celebrate college football players. Who are <hes> that guy or who were just brilliant college football players who i don't know maybe that was it. Y'all maybe maybe you're just a college great and then maybe go on to just have a perfectly respectable successful life started family. Get a real job. Maybe not get a real job and just open a bar right real job. It's a hard job so very hard job right really than our jobs. Totally maybe go to maybe you go pro and something else is what we're saying okay. That's that's who we want to talk about cause for years a wanted to have this and i think we're going to build it. We might need your help and building it. It's the people's heisman titles a little problematic. Y'all cuz turns out heisman trust. It's kind of their thing. They're a little little sensitive about its use. They don't like it a salad. Make money off of it mentioned it or even talk about who you're gonna vote for before you do it. Whiches che's as a heisman voter. I disagree with the policy but they don't like you to talk about it. That's how sensitive they are about it but the concept needs that to you just sort of frame what we're talking about here. Are we talking about players who were great in some instances yeah yeah in some instances. We're talking about players who were legitimately great in college. Are we talking about people who were greatest pros probably not probably not this is probably the peak for y'all right like he could win the actual heisman but if i had to give you a prototype for that this year right i mean fleet by franks flipping. Flipping franks is going to have a good year. Statistically speaking fleet by franks probably won't be starting for the new york jets. Actually that's a terrible comparison now they they. They've kind of got it together but you could say the cincinnati bengals. <hes> yeah might start for the bengals a couple of games. Could you see him creeping on the texans sideline then i could definitely see em making the raiders this guy sky felipe bay franks..

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