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That's a pretty great job but i think what i'd like about it most would i i think what's happened for me is i never really appreciated what i did in terms of how it affects others like i didn't understand how what the connection it was like you're a fan of the show your knife animation but when somebody what i learned when i went to the conventions is in what i continue to enjoy going is because everybody has a different story and white means so much to them and i was love hearing how the show helped them through something realize something about themselves like my mom is i have cancer she used to love the show and it was like one of the fondest like it helps me stay connected to my mom even though she's gone it's sentimental and it makes me feel or like i was bullied a lot and it really helped me understand bullies more because cordelia was kind of a bully but then we knew that she was going she had a lot going on at home and it made me more sensitive more aware to what's going imp empathic to the bully in have compassion you know that is major like this it is like the guy that you mentioned i was like oh yeah it did kind of like oh people hurt people hurt people you know people yeah he's a little time i know it's true and just you know how some people were gay and they were they didn't have the courage to to to come out and or like they didn't have the ability to say no and they didn't have their voice and they didn't feel comfortable saying saying they're truth incredibly help them speak their truth with confidence like when you hear that you know suddenly you kind of i mean i don i'm being funny when i say this but like suddenly you know maybe what i do isn't so silly and fluffy and you know maybe what i do does really matter and maybe you know no i'm not a brain surgeon i'm not literally saving lives or curing cancer but i'm touching people and i like hearing how that what that looks like for people will so what means so much shot i mean like you know what i mean how can you not wanna make people's day bill.

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