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Com slash military. So I'm in the studio with Chris, Peru bay. He's our resident Canadian of special projects editor and a long suffering. Raptors fan who is very excited that the raptors are in the finals, I genuinely can't believe this is happening Roman. Rafter since I was eight years old, and I'm in my early thirties. So it has been a great deal of sports related suffering in my life. What accounts for all that suffering? I mean why has it been so hard to be a fan of the raptors in the early days? It was really tricky. Because the team came to Toronto, nobody in Toronto cared about basketball over hockey in, like the really early days, they actually played in a baseball stadium because the basketball stadium wasn't ready yet. So they set them up in this baseball stadium. And if you had like fifteen thousand fans like that's a good number of basketball fans but baseball stadium seats, forty five thousand people, so they just had these rows of empty seats with tarps over them. When you go to the game. It was really spiriting and players just really did want to play in Canada, partly because of, you know, stereotypes about it's too cold. And, you know, the taxes are high. The taxes are also high in places like California comparatively people didn't want to move up here but very famously one player just refuse to come Alonzo Mourning was traded to the raptors and he said, yeah, you know what? I'm just not. To do that. And they had to treat them somewhere else and players kept having these like weird excuses for not being here, like there was this guy Antonio Davis who played for the team who said he was actually like worried about his kids learning the metric system that was for him. So there is this like fatalism to rafters phantom merits like nobody wants to play here. It's a place that, you know, player, it's not seen as a desirable location for players to end up. And then, you know, we had to wear this uniform in the really early days with the raptor on it, and the bright purple and lots of players didn't like that. Like the players were saying, like, yeah. This is the only profession where like you hit the very top of your field. And then you have to wear a purple dinosaur uniform unless you're field is being Bernie, the dinosaur, that's the only other one. But it sounds like people kind of like that jersey now. Right. It's true. I think people have really come around on it, especially with the playoffs happening now. So I've had all these friends who've been going out to buy Rafter skier. And, you know, there've been lineups out the door and all the dinosaurs stuff for the most part is just completely sold out, and I went to this vintage store actually fairly close to where I am called in vintage, we trust it's run by this guy named Joshua Bruder, and he's been selling raptors merchandise forever. And he is Toronto born raised me, Chantal Torontonians, we would say on Tony ins, but you would say Torontonians. Visit something what is the difference between those two things he said? Yeah. Well Torontonians, if you hit that last ti- that shows that you're not from here. It's people who are from hearsay Toronto. Oh, rob. The last heat is it so it's the Toronto Raptors not the Toronto Raptors. Yeah. If you wanna sound credible the next few days, say, the Toronto Raptors so Josh and his partner, shantelle. They run this vintage store and he says the last few weeks, he's been getting requests like every half hour for some version of the purple dinosaur uniform from the early days and Josh he's like everybody, he knows the dinosaur is a pretty ridiculous. Look, it almost makes no sense. Like the actual logo is a dinosaur turn Holt dribbling, a basketball one way. He's turning around the other way and his toes are coming out of a pair of sneakers, it's completely absurd and ridiculous. When not only is it like a log on hat, as a fan, the players are wearing. Being literally wearing this logo on their jerseys. It's insane. So everyone wants to Barney jersey, but also everyone kinda millages that it's a little bit silly. So, so why do people like it now talking to Josh came away with two things? So the first is that the team is winning and nobody wants to look like a bandwagon fan. So nobody wants to look like they heard about the rules of basketball in the last two weeks. They just realize the something they're obsessed with. So everybody wants to make it seem like they've been there since the beginning Rozov you wear the purple Dino jersey, you look credible so especially if it's a really obscure player like Josh told me is beginning requests for people like Oliver Miller, who I had to look up. I had no idea who that was and cared about the forever. So people are spending all this money to get these jerseys of players. Nobody's ever heard of the other thing is nostalgia, right? Nostalgia does not have to make sense. It doesn't have to be something that is pretty nice. And this is what Josh says. Vintage is all about. It's about what the logo Vokes for people. It's what time it sends you back to. And when you look at that rafters uniform, when you look at that purple on the jersey that is the nineties reminds me of Space Jam, like this era, when there was so much silly basketball stuff happening, and it really just sends you back to that time, the logo is cartoonish, and it's very reminiscent of a specific era and people love reliving parts of their lives through tangible items things that they can touch and feel. That's why people are paying out to own original piece because they're investing in their past. So obviously, the raptors are not wearing the purple uniform from the nineties in the finals right now they're wearing their current uniform, which is pretty simple. It's pretty clean. It's like a white uniform with the black sand. Sarah fonts, the word raptors across the front. And then sometimes they wear a red uniform with the white Sarath raptors across the front. And then Roman this is where it gets very exciting. They have third uniform, which is black with a white Sarah, raptors across the that's when it gets really exciting mixing it up. I have seen this one. That's like it says north on it. What is can you describe that one for us? Yeah. They call that the city jersey, it's a red jersey. It has like a white, Chevron. So it's like this white arrow pointing up and it says north on it I actually think that one's pretty stylish. I like that one the best of their current uniforms. But with all of them, it's like they're good design. They're very clean. They're very simple. And ultimately, they're very safe. The current raptors uniform. It doesn't have a lot of. It's kind of weird for me to look at a raptors jersey with no purple in it. I get like you got to move away from the purple for a few years. But, like, why isn't the Dino jersey bean Warren as an alternate by the team at this point, like, how crazy would faint? Get for a quite Leonard. Raptors Dino jersey could you imagine? Give the people what they want. At the time, we're recording. This game five is just happened. The series is still alive. The rafters have one or two chances to make this happen, so quiet Leonard. I know you are an avid listener of, of design podcasts. See if you can make this happen before the finals Rover. So great if this showed up on the court at oracle, I mean, oh my God. I love it. All right. Thank you, Chris. Thank you. Roman..

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