Rudy Julie, Professor, Julio discussed on The Majority Report with Sam Seder - 1520 - Laurence Tribe: Is Donald Trump Leading Us to a Constitutional Crisis?


Promo code majority you see profess to try alright look i want to play this oh video i just first second this is sort of funny and also sorta disturbing got i get nauseous every time i see trump out and that they just like he looks grotesque close he is a grow test figured grotesque on the inside grotesque on the outside but here's something that i kept so if he is trying to express his anger with the rudy julie on a because judy on a gave up a ghost on the whole muslim band playing like literally we'll talk to professor tried about this that could be sided in court all right trump is thank you so i don't know just out of it and he was named a ninety aware of is is his surroundings this is yesterday when he was pretending to pay all march two black history month and i guess this is today right the zero and others yesterday here's yesterday i guess is was cyrus a security experts not the not black history month so and this is a much this okay he he's looking around for rudy and you'll never guess where you hands up in with that i want to do julio gonna be working with jared cushion and with tom boston also here and he's very much of an here are important thing to him to what he does and maybe honestly to say if you words thank you very much right.

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