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We've ranger. My mind was that on the air and I have no Let's not talk about this. Okay. Paul Hamilton with us now on the Western Hotline, Paul, How are you? Good. How are you doing? Please don't swear. Okay, good. Although here I go, 20 years of this, you could be in a swearing mood. Um, let's see. Michael has to lead We have to go. We have to go there first. What do you Since we've got the big reporter guys all kind of talking like he? It's very quiet, and he's even been to use a word. Darren Dreger used forgotten about Yeah. I mean, Sabres are not going to come down on their ask. They feed. They know what they are. They have an idea out. They feel like Eliza worth. We're not gonna settle in the in this situation, so they're going to wait it out and see what happens. Uh, The Los Angeles Kings has spent some money today is and honest center over $5 million on to know today, so it appears they're acting like they're out. They're spending money and Basically acting. They've said it, too. I mean that they've actually said it from the beginning that it's been around that they're not real interested in it. But the guys The insiders kept saying, Well, you know, we we kind of think they are in it. Whatever. I mean, they're spending the money, so they appeared to be out of the mix and, uh So you sit and wait. And if you're Kevin Adams, you hope you're not sitting there. Trade Deadline day going Cheese. I had some better offers during the summer. Now I'm going to have to settle for this. You know, in Vegas did something today. Not for a center, but they took money on with Dad in off. Um so that was a trade. I believe, right? Um, so, like, you know, I don't know that that could be a piece that they were thinking to flip. You know who knows? But, you know, I was thinking you're probably you're probably taking money back because you're you know, it's probably going to involve You know, uh, a roster player, too. And that type of thing, so, you know It can be worked out. But, uh yeah. It wasn't a real promising sign. I guess it's all I'm saying, Uh, the King's thing seems more definitive. It's player at the position that I call plays. And, you know, a big, big money, commitment term and all that and with by field coming and Turcotte coming Like what? What are you doing? You know they still have CO Petar. Now they have to know. Like I'd say the Kings are definitely dead and buried on this issue. So what are we left with here? Anaheim, Minnesota. Do I even want to mention the Ranger's name here? Yeah, well, I read somewhere today that the Rangers haven't given up on it. Uh, supposedly, according to Rousseau, they, uh, Minnesota while they've given up on it, but You know, all that goes. I mean that change and in a heartbeat, so so many times we've heard well, they're out and then a week later, while they're in, you know the type of thing and that's been happening through the hole through this whole process. Sabers have also announced Contracts for Sean Malone from West Seneca, who had been with Chicago. And also Nashville briefly so he'll be back. Born in Buffalo. And then also Brandon Davidson. I think I saw Yeah. Both signings for Rochester. You know, depth type of wind up in Rochester. Okay? Yep. Hey, you can't forget about them, too. I mean, people have to understand those signings going to happen on free agency day too. I mean, they got it. They could fill that team too. In addition to trying to fill, you know their team also, and the Sabres did did just recently make make a move with the Devil's, um, you know, and they get compensated for taking on a little more than $3.5 million in the form of will Butcher who, Paul. We probably burned the decent amount of air time pondering him signing as a college free agent a few years ago, Remember, remember, he was in an airport where the saber bag or something like that, and everybody thought he was going to sign with the Sabres. He is not as many of these college free agents has not worked out for. The Devils has not played anywheres near What people were anticipating. Kind of like V. C. I wouldn't say he's really worked out as a college for agent little bit with the Rangers scored some goals in his first year or two, but I think Butcher started out strongly, but his faded which is why Jersey? Yeah, it hasn't gone well. So this is helping them get rid of some money. Because Buffalo gets 1/5 round pick and Butcher and Jersey gets nothing. Do trade considerations which will turn into nothing Do trades like that. Make you mad on principle? By the way, when the other team gets nothing literally. Yeah, we're still waiting for the, uh, the future considerations in the Rob ray trade. Oh, I I lost sleep about that, like a month ago. When is that coming? That was supposed to be future considerations and those have not been fulfilled yet. So that gives you an idea. Typical NHL garbage. I mean, it's just really Not a trade. You allow trades like that. Really. It's not a trade when there's not like stuff exchanged. I would say, you know, you know, being a words guy. All right. So all Mark Paul, we don't know on Eichel. But there's still um reason to wonder slash hope. All Mark that's over Boston. Yeah. I mean, Boston doesn't have Rask. He's an unrestricted free agent and injured Might be half the year before he could even consider signing a contract and coming back. Um In in In their case, though, I I like Jeremy swam in a lot this last year for them. He played 10 games and was lights out for them. They also have, uh What are who is a pick for them? But they wanted somebody basically to throw in the starting roll. It sounds like all Mark will get the starting role swimming will back him up. Type of a situation and then, uh, Lidar a wind up in the minors and he'll be the number three guy I as far as that goes so or the other way around. Swimming doesn't need to clear waivers. Maybe Vlad are does So that that could that could be a reason. Why could it if you're if you're going to just run l mark into the ground. I mean, swam in to me is right now, Much better Prospect Lindfield are is now that could I agree? Training camp. Yeah. Um, so it depends how they want to work this and all Mark has had some injury troubles, too, so working into the ground might not be a better good idea for them either. You have any comment on Vinny? How Nostra's Yeah, He's a guy. Fast guy, Small guy. Sorry. Tired of the small guys. Too many. But you know he can fit into your bottom six. He had a decent Season with, UM Arizona couple years ago where he scored 16 17 goals. And so I think it's a pretty good addition to your bottom six. He can skate well. He can Contribute to the offense type of a thing. He's a hard worker type of a player. Which is kind of what I was looking for. I was looking for bottom six type of guys and free agency anyway. Uh, I wasn't looking for 59 guys. I had a little different idea of guys who could also contribute offensively, but Maybe we're a foot taller than 59. But, uh, yeah. You know, I think he'll be fine, and I think it would be a pretty good edition. As long as you play him in the role that and I know it's not going to surprise you. Granado coached him in Chicago. Which seems to be the thing you know if well, if you're from Carolina, and you keep the Carolina Panthers, you're probably going to get a chance with the Buffalo Bills and Seems like guys who in Chicago like Casula, and now this guy, uh, you're going to get a chance for the Sabres. Paul circling back to all. Mark. Um Not so much about him. Um, but maybe more so, about what what you think. I mean, What's the market? Like? Look like now, I You know, there's some free agents still out there, I guess. Seattle's got a glut of guys now because they committed a group our on top of the guys they picked up last week, so maybe a trade. Um but we're you know, we're 5.5 hours into NHL free agency and the Sabres have exactly zero NHL goalies on their team. Yeah. I mean, they have two guys under contract looking into car ski..

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