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All in one woman from I have radio filling in for the team here on this Martin Luther King Jr Day and Last year. 2020 difficult year for obvious reasons. A lot of people started drinking a bit more understandable, but this year a lot of people are trying to get out of that. Perhaps bad habit and joining me now to talk a little bit about something. I'm gonna be honest with you. I hadn't really heard of before. Animate. Derris Miller, senior health reporter for Insider wrote a piece on how Americans are ditching dry January because of stress from the pandemic and politics. And thank you so much for joining us. So first for those who aren't familiar with dry January. Honestly, I didn't realize this was such a big thing really didn't know anything about it at all. What is it all about? Yes, the dry January. Kind of it's tough to figure out what its origins are. I mean, people I'm sure for decades have been deciding to cut out alcohol and the The calendar turns to a new year and somewhere found in the last five years. It's really picked up steam as trend where you picked this month and decides you basically go sober. Um and You know, there's a whole campaign. There's an organization in the UK that specifically dedicated to this. You can search the hash tag. You confined lots of alternative beverages that are really picking up steam right now. Try toe fill that void, so it's really become its own sort of movement every year. And has this become a big thing on social media with people posting on Instagram or Snapchat, the hashtag dry January. And what a picture of water? Yeah. Definitely the half staggers friending. I see it on instagram a lot. I think maybe now the pictures that you see mostly are some alternative beverages or, Yeah, people just having dinner with a with a glass of water, whatever it is, but I do think that's actually a good Thing where a place to post about it Because if you just kind of stayed yourself privately, I'm gonna do drive January, But you don't kind of make that declaration in the social media world. You're probably less likely to stick to it. So it has a little bit of accountability to we'll definitely because people are always looking to point out hypocrisy or call you out on something on social. That's really what social media is. So if all of a sudden you're posting a picture with a drink in your hand, I'm sure there will be comments reminding you we thought you were gonna be Dry to start 2021. So now that we understand what dry January is, what exactly is damp January? Yes. So I don't know if this is a real firm or where this one has has really originated either, But I quite like it, calling it dance January, particularly this year. When we're under Ah, lot of threats that we don't have a lot of same activities that maybe would kind of help people keep their minds off of going to the bar or whatever. And now people are second home. Um, and for some people who maybe had had done dry January in the past. They're deciding. You know what? I'm not going to add that extra burden. I'm going to allow myself a treat now and then, in the form of alcohol, one of the few pleasures that remain, um And so, you know, one of the people I talked to this decided to, you know, instead of completely cutting out alcohol, she's gonna take a couple days of the month that are special occasions on Ben, you know, allow herself to have a drink with you on the weekends and really focus on Making sure that those are drinks that you really want and really enjoy. So instead of the whole Sunday afternoon, drinking a light drinking many light beers he's gonna pick. You know a good idea to have on baby not do it in front of the TV so that you're really Getting all the senses involved with everything that we went through in 2020. And honestly, the start, 2021 seems, seems like a very tall order to try to do January dry. Hopefully, maybe there are some people out there who can handle the challenge. But I like the damp January idea a little bit better. In terms of what people have been doing in order to take a break from alcohol again, those different kinds of beverages that you alluded to earlier what are some of the things that they're drifting towards that they're utilizing. So I've gotten into the beer drinker myself. Uh, nonalcoholic. Craft beer scene is actually a scene. I mean, that's crazy that we can say that in one Intense that would there there some breweries and they're they're breweries. It's not like a beverage trying T O B beer is made with the ingredients. That makes beer but they cracked it in a way that makes the non alcoholic so their entire breweries dedicated tol Nonalcoholic beers, and they have the full range of stout lagers ideas, eh? So that's been really interesting to explore. And I mean, even in New York City, where I am just probably within the past month. I believe there's a The first ever at least hear the first ever zero proof liquor store, So there's entire stores now that are popped up that have you no, not disappear. But you can get non alcoholic wine can get non alcoholic spirits. And there are a lot of of course, the sparkling beverages continue to be a big Industry as well. And that's kind of been advertised, also has a good alternative. I'm joined by Anna Medearis Miller, senior health reporter for Insider talking about her story on Americans ditching a dry January because of the stress of the pandemic and politics and all of that, for a little bit more of a damp month instead. Going back to 2020. What did we see in terms of the drinking habits among Americans, especially during those lockdowns and those really stressful times?.

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