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What is it. That makes it that way joe. Well first of all you know. Forget that knicks. You get from foul tips and all that. But i mean iran if an infielder misses a ground baldy outfielder picks it up goes through his legs. The wall stops and you as a catchy you drop a ball the manages way for your man and he's gonna let you have it now. I'm not talking about the league catches the yogis the campus the johnny benches and those guys. I'm talking about the grunts. Like i said in the book. If and this applies to most catches if the catcher was in a dog show he'd be the fire hydrant and if he was in a braided making much behind the elephants. He says the same view couldn't say anything dumped on the whole time. I mean that's just the way it is. You're you've been press conferences. A guy pitches a good game. What's the first thing that he says. I didn't shake him off one time. Wow isn't that great praise. And then if a catcher gets hit look for this look for if he gets hit. Forget that if it's in the vulnerable spot just gets hitting these down on his knees. They don't come rushing out. I mean if you're lucky to trainer will come a A pitcher to start pitcher gets hit. You got everybody coming out the red cross. The bishop comes out dr awry. The catchers land there and the empire will dust off the plate. Go get a new ball like the ball got hurt. I mean that kind of feeling and the things that you hear back there. What what makes it worthwhile to play last night where the umpires they They claimed in. France montero claimed difference. So melvin comes out of the artist and I could see him say ask. Somebody asks somebody so. I know exactly what happened. I saw in maryland bobby bragan. These fires are brilliant man breaking up. Saudi says ask somebody. I i'll ask alec to his third base some bar. Did you see that. Play the way i did. Yeah that's the way i saw. That's the end of arguments in the book. You talk about pires as well and derwin merrill you mentioned about him but there were so many others that over the years. I think added to the color of the game. Who are some of your favorites. Joe my favorite beans reardon was a favourite of visi was always moaning. 'cause he california guy on a beer. Distributorship benito does come out. And i didn't say hide in saint louis. I don't wanna hair anything just catch and shut up. You're luckier hair. You ought to be selling bananas out of a car with the rest of your pies donald. So shot up. That was for openers. Then you've got that for about nine innings. But the thing that you got from the empire that i like like luciana was great. I mean he would let an jaakko did the same thing. Let the catcher or the batter called the pitch. I mean jaakko. Had it with john rossborough and if roseborough bolden longer it was a ball is estimated and if he threw it right back it was a strike. So he fired. The game is just got tired of hearing you on fire. Go ahead you on embark. And he did the richie ashburn. How in chicago jack. Sanford's pitching ron. And he kept asking for a new ball. You'd think you'd see an jaakko. Did he took every ball houses. Talking take out now. I love the stories and ron. Luciano told me about her a waiver that they used to get it on all the time he said i threw him out of the game before the game even started and he said he went into the bathroom. That's in the dugout and would not come out going there and wassall gets do that to stanky and very politely gets thrown him out of the game the day before and stinky hands in the lineup. And as he's walking away says the gets. And larry what i said yesterday still goes larry. Would you say he said what i said. Yesterday still goes he said azad right. Well what i said still goes get out of here. Came ethnic star. The late fred hutchinson to as a manager. One time i heard this story about him he came out and he never used where words but he got his message across an apparently he went up to the empire he was challenging and didn't the battle and walked away and came back and just turned around and said by the way i stopped by the dog pound and your mother's fine great lives to russia very rarely used bad language but he used a lot of words began with this like you said he was. It was the strike. I didn't strikes right and that's a very juicy word. S after about a minute and a half of that lou. Jorda was there and i mean he almost needed windshield wipers. Jordan says bill dispute now may written on news. I mean those guys are. But i'm part i gotta tell you boy. They'll win most of them. Also i'm interested in the relationship of the catcher to the umpire because they really do know how to work with them or work them in a sense give us some insight about how that relationship develops during the course of one's career ones game. And just how you working on pyre well you know the guys who have a sense of humour you know guys got a personality like an oak tree so you leave him alone and you also you learned their strike zone in a hurry and you learn. You don't bright that much. I mean Well the the best thing apple. I can give you I had happened to me a number of times. You know you you said that was a strike now. George wasn't strike now and it was no. It wasn't a strike. Okay so not any over you come up and hit and the same pace that he called a ball now comes to unique calls to strike back out of the box and i say come on him. It's the ball on the strike and very politely those joke. You're a nice guy. And you know i've thought about what you said that pitches strike and i'm going to call it a strike so nice. Got you both ways. Because he appointed to the The ball call and he gives me the strike call but very diplomatic in the book. The first thing that catch your does is take census. Explain that well. You got to see who's out there 'cause a lot of times you don't have eight guys in front of you. Del wilbur told me about lou novikov. Russia came up with the cubs played in houston and In the minor leagues and bottom of the ninth. They look. there's no left fielder. So hold up the game send a clubhouse boy are the bad boy into the clubhouse see if he's in there it goes back is not. I didn't see him. And so they put another guy out there games over houston wins they go into clubhouse. Who's at the door green but novikov rivers. Where were you he said. When you gotta go you gotta go. The other thing that i think is really important for the catcher and the good ones are able to do this. And i know talking to johnny bench about this I asked him. I said what was the difference between the way you handled a young pitcher When you had to go out to the mound is compared to the veteran. I just wonder your thoughts on that. The catcher in how they work pitchers ron the best story. I can tell you about that. The great bill dickey told me he's catching this kid. Just out of college at the yankees and the kid crossed him up twice. Bill walked out to the mound. He said you know. I can't get on this kid. Because you've just crumble. So he said to him son playing in the big leagues is just like pitching in college. Except for one thing the catches up here are really dumb. They.

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