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Not guilty of the most serious charge lee sylla sarah fox news a san francisco jury reaches a verdict in the trial of a mexican man charged in the shooting death of a woman who was walking with her father on appear fox's jessica rosenthal has more live lisa jose anez garcia's oronte was found not guilty of murder or involuntary manslaughter the jury did find him guilty of possessing a firearm and he could get up to three years for that his attorneys city founded gun on the pierre in san francisco and that it accidentally went off the bullet ricocheted before killing thirty two year old kate stanley alex bastion was one of the prosecutors it was not what we were hoping for but i think it's unequivocal both sides gave it their all cates dap became a focus of president trump's campaign as a reason for tougher border enforcement garcia's around to had been deported five times before one of his attorneys went off after trial saying the case had been used to foment hate and a mass deportation policy lisa jessica the senate will resume working on the tax reform bill tomorrow morning as they hope to get the measure passed by christmas south carolina senator lindsey graham says the consequences of blowing this opportunity would be devastating are based fractures be put up for signs people write checks of the party will collapse of his own way steve bannon will however the great argument to be to solve other net senate democratic leader chuck schumer is hammering republicans for what he calls a lack of outreach the way this tax bill is being rammed through is exactly why the american why the american people believe our politics is so broken on capitol hill mike emmanuel fox news us health officials approving the first injectable form of the leading medication to treat patients recovering from addiction a heroin prescription painkillers and other.

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