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But but a town and our i mean it's weakened i get it waiting on that but it season. They used to the top of the list. All your guests around promised. They promised that The town was was immediately on and came the next morning while they were super helpful Even with the permits and stuff they. They told us that we will will be top of the list To get that done as an emergency at another special terms for that but They were super helpful chamber of commerce commerce. Jackie super helpful. Really big. thanks to her. She tried to help us relocate all the guests and and obviously big thanks to the fire department. That was there so quick. I mean yeah. When i arrived it was it was scary but then i'm building probably like nobody else and i was like it's probably nothing too. Big yeah i was kind of relief but had to be attribu- determined where where it was coming from and so all your guests that were there and all the other bendigo. Mt rooms no electricity We've been working there yesterday. All day and Believe me although it's not august without a see it's now what a nightmare. So did you watch. Or hear the nbc. What the hell is going when that when the reporter says flames watching what was going on there. I didn't see a single flame. Is there any flames. there was no flames. there was smoking. only i'm nothing was on fire. I think we live in such a safe community that this is headline news. When this is the headline news. I mean you can at least see something positive in it. No i can't say anything positive in a jackass report like that with somebody says up in flames and we're like wait. We're planes. There was not a single flame. Going up in your place is being reported. The way was. I don't even want to think about how it is on brought a bigger level exactly. That's exactly what. I thought if you could do that exactly because anyway..

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