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It's a huge challenge to try to make sure that that these are secure environments but it's also an opportunity for ed tech to become more involved in teaching citizenship and good good security practices Among our own students. I don't know if i actually said that. Well but i hope you get the idea. I think everyone can understand what you're saying. Okay yeah and i guess maybe that's part of my problem with not being able to say it well is that it's still kind of murky right distance but we suspect that this will become more and more of a critical issue. Yeah we as. I mean especially with recent events that as we mentioned the pipeline issue and and those things for sure right and there is a reaction from the government's saying you need to know people who are making overseeing this kind of software needs to be right provide more guarantees of its security. Exactly so okay. Well that's that's well that brings us to the conclusion of episode one hundred eighty five. We like to think are followers and viewers of our flipboard magazine and our podcast subscribers. You can visit our website at trends and issues dot com to listen to pass episodes and view the links to the recommended readings that we discussed in this episode. Our next episode will air on may twenty fifth. This podcast is produced by professor abby brown at east carolina university and professor tim green at california state university fullerton copyright abby brown and tim greed..

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