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And then of course, you got gained Cameron and Ricky Taylor in Simon badger. No, I'll also part of the deal. So a lot of big names for your team. But one of the big names this year Elio is is somebody you also have with Alex and arty obviously you raised against him. When it was the cart series of what's it like to see your old friend got here. I couldn't I couldn't be more happier to be honest. When I heard that he is going to be part of a Daytona this year and. Guys. I I can't well can't it's not a his vocabulary. Right. This way does not exist. It's such any spray Spiratou for so many people. And and again as I was racing. He was already the champion their guy making moves at the corkscrew passing a harder in the last laugh, you remember that one. So an all of a sudden I'm racing against this guy. And it was an fortunately I was part of in the day that he was in an accident. So. It's a roller coaster for sure. But last time I saw him was at India five four or five years ago. And we're chat we talk about it. So it's really cool to see him back. And no question he is going to be again surprising. A lot of people with his talent and racing hand controls this year because of that horrific accident he did have in Germany in two thousand one where he lost his legs. He said you're in that race. I've been talking to some other IndyCar drivers Johnson belt was in that race Christian Fittipaldi, and they have some vivid memories, I presume all. Yeah. You remember it? Well ops. A little I remember when to turn one, and particularly unfortunate that we it was terrible was a black cloud nine eleven just happened. A lot of people worry about the families that was here in the United States. And we were actually in in euro. So nobody could fly remember Mike way. He couldn't get out of the the country because he was just a few hours to actually to fly to Germany. But anyway, so unfortunate was a bad. Week. And it was and when the accident happened that time a remember was. Was a car that my good friend of mine. Also, Tony Canales driving with Monan team. And I didn't know which car was so kind of like really looked who had the accident. And and when I saw the front of the car, basically half of the cars gone, and I kind of like not understood in a lot of Debry, which didn't quite look like was a piece of the race car. Well at the time, I didn't know it was, but it was part of his body. Jeez. However about that time, I did not realize what it was. And and I I was just trying to blog because I didn't want to look so that we can consider race. And particularly our performance was terrible. So after everything happens, we know we heard, and it was it was obviously a tragedy tragedy, and but amazing recover with this guy. And so happy to see him now in race against the guy again. Well, I mean, you saw it on the track Elia in that ninety six to nine. Eighty eight window when he was winning the most racist championships the pass at Laguna Seca, and the the corkscrew I mean that will to win seems like we saw that later in his life after that accent. Just so determined the guys it's amazing. And that's that's faith, faith and destiny. I would say he with his family, obviously, his wife and his kid nNcholas, and he's still able to spy so many people, and they will still see his son grow up, which by the way, he's attorney. Alan Miller was my attorney. So right. I kind of like knew a lot about it through Allen. And I'm glad island did all the things that he did to a cover special. Unfortunately, you never think about something like that happened. But someone at least always got up repair and lead that he was. Yeah. And he obviously had a second chapter in his life. After that accident. You have a second chapter now your career with being an I read somewhere recently that you said you..

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