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Having difficulty getting out of bed this morning we through that game we gave it away by doing now we gave him the freedom in my opinion at suck to worry moves in mega you're here with your saturday morning we could call on cbs sports radio okay lows by going first this week okay this first thank you very much my wake up call this morning and i hope this doesn't damage future relationships that we have that i'm gonna do it anyway this goes out to new schwartz he is a very prominent and very important football agent it came out this week in a defence of his client tom savage popped off the fifth texans for benching him saying he doesn't understand why in it quote makes no sense why tom savage was benched after just one half and that one half being a bad one against jacksonville jaguars watch that are here sports i i don't know what your watching sarin let's be honest when the texans traded up from twenty five to twelve to get to shawn watson that was probably the first indication that tom savage may not be the future of the franchise then you go out there and in the first half not only do you get sacked six times which might not be all your fault because the offense line is terrible but seven for thirteen for sixty two yards your quarterback rating was seven point eight that reminds me of that seen in not tommy boyd that the other one we go sir do you have any idea how vasser black sheep you that idea how fast you're going because they had to be ellen already fifty seven seven miles per hour our quarterback rating was at seven point eight i'm sorry to neil schwartz out there i know you want to stand up for your guy but if you have no idea why tom savage was sat in the first half that i don't really know if i trust he talking about anything else in the nfl song i'm going to ask you to please wake up and by wakeup call i guess would go to mike brown and the severity bangles here moving forward and abby there listen it's it's tough to to call for anybody to get fired and i don't think in was they've changed.

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