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I was a big story was a big story was Fallon. It was somebody from us about making W fan radio was a big story back then you're a part time behind the scenes guy. They don't know when you're poor Tom behind receives. Well, they can listen to the radio would hear that you're not on it. You won't know. But if you listen and overnight I would chime in with Tony pages like Wow, what really made I understand it, That's ridiculous. But for me, that's a thrill for a town where I'm from. I was a thrill, and this person has clearly listen to radio found who I was and said, Oh, I'm going to use this name. Let me alter it a little bit. It's not his name. There would be record of him living. Someone hears no record of anything other than him showing up in these places. So okay, So here's what he's lying about his that his neighborhood that doesn't take the next logical step that he's trying to be an evil version of you on depriving rest, Babylon called Hero. It's so desperately. So he shows up on message boards just happens These messages that nobody knows about that you work in the industry. Somehow he finds it is bashing bosses my while I'm working there. And repeatedly keeps running in sports things. The news. They using this name, and now we're showing up a political rallies being the head of a gross name. Right this name. The last in the last found research about this guy than you and your friends have. He clearly would be a message board person eight years ago because he's a living message board right now. He just ran maggot Gras. He's a walk in. He's a walking, talking message board. So of course he was angry about 20 planes overhead show in 2012 he he said, Okay, Who can I find from? Spam maybe is for most people that I could use their name and spin off. Okay, this guy's kind of making it somewhere. Let me use him. Oh, I've heard him on the radio, and I'm gonna ruin his life because I'm evil. He's ruining my life. Years are laughing. You're not living what I'm living with. I can't be. I can't take my child to the supermarket right now. It's because what happens what exactly happens to you and Taylor side. I know it's it's just side. I'd It's discussed with me that I've become this person that will troll my last name out to go for political gain. What happened to fun loving Yankee fan We used to know that made bad jokes. Now he's now Yes, he's two personas. Clearly he's trying to get you know, whatever. It's just people don't trust me. The trust is gone with me. Or because of Sean for Esh does not even his last name. Well, here's the thing. If your town is so small, it shouldn't be hard to figure out if this guy went toe west Babylon High can't exactly can't you just asked a bunch of people from a bunch of different classes? Hey, do you recognize this guy? Did he go to school with you yesterday? Not only that I have, like 12 mutual friends and those that were from West Babylon. Four of them. I reached out to yesterday said I gotta be honest with you when I got the request. I just thought it was you. So he's requesting people. I know. One thing you only surround yourself with idiots is everyone's thought that this guy is trying to steal your life. It's so preposterous. I know Well, that people are really like ways to yours. But come on, man. I don't even know this guy. I think when I got the request, I thought it was you. So he's now taking my Facebook friends to build a pair that account. Nice. I mean, I don't know how much more sisterly out for you. The man stole my mom or my reputation. Well, what you gonna do about it? You want me to contact him? I want to stay as far away from this person's possible. I just want the election over. I want this guy to go away. I don't know. I think I think in many ways me getting ahead of us on trash Tuesday and alerting the world that this isn't may is me forever living on audio file tape declaring, it's not me. So I think that this Christians, they said. It was my plan to this is what I'm doing about it. It's not me. I'm playing with everybody. It's just not made for those 12 people out there that really care. I mean, it is. We say that Maria's life is like a Kevin James episode, Kevin James sitcom, but this is like the next level. It's like if Kevin James had a SciFi episode or something like that there's an evil version of murder is that it is right now trying to corrupt his reputation, unsolved mysteries. I understand why it's funny because he's serious. This is really happening. I mean, it's not Wait. You know what? The next time with the supermarket? I'm going to come with you and trail behind you. It put us together, and I'm gonna watch West Babylon spit at you and your baby because they think you're Sean. All right. Yellow thinks you should do trip. Danielle gave me a list of a couple names. I should call who she was convinced it might actually be and is using my name. I called those people, he said, absolutely isn't now pictures of surface where you kind of see, this guy is some convinced she is on board. 100% thinks it's a troll job of me. Yeah, but here's the thing this guy's and not some type of mysterious pen name that only shows up message ports. He's on camera. Doing interviews. He's done. There's pictures of him and video off him. So can't you just establish,.

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