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Be taking thirty. I've looked with it but it's more starts just with the resentment of the peasants and this of political the first thing is he just says. Hey Oh man. I'm a thirty seven. I'm not old so Megyn you've set up. Yeah he's not GonNa get it from what was so brilliant. I think in both films is Graham. Chapman's I think he was absolutely extraordinary because he was sober in live abroad. It wasn't so sober but he didn't manage to pay these poor character a bit like Brian. Who's terribly put upon? Not just twenty going with my life. And I'm a king who gave you a mandate. I'm just saying hello. Where's the consuls thing? And he gets into these conversations so the wonderful thing about power doesn't really get you anywhere compared to the stroke people you'll find to Lord it over and do you think I sort of theory about python that I think I know John Kerry Jones often wound each other up a little. Is that fair to say? Yeah I mean that was yeah I mean I sort of feel. I wouldn't tell you died. I saw Terry's was this heart of pipe and that he was the yes. It's sort of that you needed in doing that. So Yeah Terry. Very easily wound up particularly by John. John realized this early on and the Senators. The blood in the water. So you know if if Terry got passionate. John would say something rude about the Welsh and he was very good at being rude about the wealth. Not An admirable trait at all but that was it. So Terry would just because Terry Pasha up things and the way to do things and when someone didn't understand what he was trying to say and send him terribly frustrated but only for a minute. We all laugh afterwards and it was part of the dynamic up the whole the whole writing process. All of us came from slightly different angles. Yeah and wrote different characters different ways and that was really really important if it all being a MODULUS AMASS. It wouldn't have worked. Yeah you SORTA chose to work together but it was sort of almost all my strong together. It was just like a John wanted to work with. You is that right. And then you bring in Terry and I mean John like what turning I'd written and an Eric to and what he and Graham Don was. It was very much a sort of experiment. John just didn't join felt the something to be done in comedy. That was different but actually who made it different was she was terry the two carriers. Actually John was terrific. Sketch writer here. Graham broke these wonderful sketches pet shop G. show but it was. It was Terry Jones. Terry Gilliam who have had a concept Antares idea to Jones idea was it should be stream of consciousness. Sketches could end wherever they wanted. We wouldn't have to do the traditional sort of guide Tagline at the end because we had Terry Gilliam who is so brilliant fresh and original and he would just go to animation. It'd be do these wonderful little animated links so there was a kind of story that will is writing in those are fires but no one had written it quite like that before so I think the two towers the ones who made a python really distinctive. But of course John Lewis and everyone drama just absolutely brilliant performer. Because John Looks like the Authority figure. It looks like the bank manager. He looks like you know. The politician is upside. The freemason whatever undermines the map certainly brilliant so fantastic have you seen the film sliding doors not all of it. No Nelson Ages. They pay you for using masturbate. Your script no. Of course it didn't you and your shit about these things but there's a lot of things that make me angry about sliding does this isn't the main one one of the main ones in a John. Hannah manages to Seduce Gwyneth. Paltrow by reciting the Spanish Galician sketch heady of Monty Python Fan out. That will tell you that that is never worked as ten but man certainly not for going. Paltrow isn't going to go out with someone who knows all the way she go. Write your own fucking stuff copying Spanish inquisition. Did we doesn't even do it very well. Michael Annoys me. I would be much. Better Gwyneth paltrow thing just me. Yeah.

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