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Collision center's can help with more than fifteen Washington locations. Call one eight hundred info fix for one near you fix. The first words that should come to mind after an accident here. Seth Wayne from the KOMO forecast team for cloudy skies. Wet weather some heavier showers in the morning and then make our way into the afternoon. We're on our way to that partial clearing high temperatures today in the upper fifties going for a little bit of a break in the rain Amaro morning, then more what weather come back at us Wednesday afternoon into Thursday Fridays looking sunny, I'm Seth Wayne McComb weather center. Right now in Seattle. We're getting our share of rain. It's forty seven degrees. Come on time. Six thirty six we might be passed the latest the flute latest flu season. Komo's Eric Heintz report, according to the State Department of health two hundred ninety six influenza related deaths were reported across Washington last year compared to two hundred seventy eight and twenty seventeen as March thirtieth of this year there been one hundred sixty and this year's total is still the third highest over the last nine years. Fortunately, last week, local clinics, emergency rooms and hospitals. Saw Mark drop and flu activity. Flu cases at the Everett clinic peak three weeks ago when they around eight hundred positive test in the week leading into March seventeenth the herald reports last week that number dipped to around two hundred Eric Heintz, KOMO news outbreak appears to be easing and Clark county. It will be officially declared over if there are no new cases in the next three weeks. There are seventy three confirmed cases there and one in King County, but it's been three weeks new cases. Have been reported the nationwide outbreak however covers nineteen states, and it continues to grow accused of posing as a rideshare driver and assaulting a woman has been charged with rape. The.

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