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Have unlimited invites and members get five per community. Jennifer Jones Li Kft News. It's slow on the 2 10 in Pasadena. This is the eastbound side. We're seeing a backup away from just about mountain very heavy all the way to Fair oaks and then selling and stretches beyond as you travel all the way into Azusa better past Citrus, But I'm also saying Some very dense traffic up on that north end of the 7 10 Freeway. This is on the southbound side, getting out of old Pasadena. That is where delays are loading up coming off of the 2 10, and it's solid ahead all the way to California Boulevard. We've got Michael Brian in industry. KF Eye in the sky. Sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com Angel getting pretty tough for the 65 both directions. 65 southbound loading up now, just off the 60 from the 60 down through the five through wittier That's going to be the tight stretch north about 65 on the brakes here for the 15 much of the way that same stretch up towards the 60 hair looser on that northbound side. Still problems in Riverside 60 eastbound on the merged with the 2 15 south right about Blaine, right off the riverside interchange, bring up a stuck bus there from the right lane Looks like it's still there, too. It's bumper to bumper now to about Valley Way in Rubido, and it also looks like a new problem coming up on the West Side. That's the North four or five. National is a Inter reaction blocking lanes that's going to be adding destroying Culver City up through the support for the past into the Valley, injured in an accident visit Superwoman super Lawyer Com Mike O'Brien K F I in the sky. Hey, FBI in the sky helps gets you there faster. I'm Angel Martinez. It's Conway here. Know why I got a whole house water filtration system from Puritan water Because I don't want to wonder if my family's tap water is safe. No more wasting money on bottled.

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