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The just bought this house a couple of years ago the at all it's totally normal easy to talk through we could play this game come at me bro so i strong play you should do this on your show on saturdays that was that there should be an app for that people when you're not if you don't like them instead of going la la la la i'm not listening so okay so this family moved a couple of years ago they bought a house in preston hollow and they say their house is only worth five hundred thousand i don't believe them at all i mean did you see that we sent you the story did you see the house i mean it looks way nicer than a five hundred thousand dollars preston hollow leandra you alone on almost anything in preston hollow about that but you know whether or not it's worth what they say it is questionable tax value and resale value are different things but i think they would not be the only person in preston hollow doing everything they can to dramatically lower their tax valuation so yeah i would i'd say it's probably a bit well i don't think that's the biggest issue in the story though too you know so here let's just play a little bit of this a little bit of that then we'll get into this 'cause you i'm mighty crow you might say you're wrong you don't know what you're talking about let's hear what they say in the store any homeowner gonzalez's are worried that their new noisy neighbor which is tested once a month we'll drop their property values we know our property value if that tornado siren states where it is we know our property values go down quite a bit so.

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