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However, we think it's better that we're able to continue operating offering some of our other content in Saudi Arabia rather than just blanket banning and shutting down the surface ole to get a especially when you consider that. This isn't the first time the Netflix has had to modify. By it's offering. I think a lot of people would be surprised to learn that net. Flicks ease actually available mostly in its entirety in Russia. However, the Netflix film, Alex Strangelove, which is about a gay teenager coming out conspicuously not available in Russia. Even though that is considered to be a global Netflix release. These things quietly happen all the time. It's just that this one is a little bit more public. Ben. Thank you very much. Indeed. And that's all full the sedition of the briefing just before we go. I just like to us Ben Ryland high within say happy new year in Australian, I think it's something along the lines of happy new year. Oh, happy new happy new year. I'm trying to straighten out my accent. It doesn't really work. Does it too long collie dog? Now in Zimbabwe. We would say we'll Makoto congratulations. Happy new year to you. All thanks very much to produce Marcus hippie hours to page Reynolds, nNcholas was our seconds such a here and stadium manage it was David Stevens. The reaching is back tomorrow at the same time, and you can join Ben Ryland full Midori house complete with non Austrailian accent live at eighteen hundred dollars yet in London. Let's thirteen hundred in New York. I'm Georgina Godwin thanki listening.

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