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That's great, man. The story and a little cooler because I don't really follow up that much. I watch near the end of the great I start to never been hot bed. I follow your call. Sports four playing great. Oreos pouting like the baby when his teams don't do what they wanna do. And I have a great big TV TV whatever year that was when the hawks one was seventeen seconds, go. Well, it was it was there were two goals that were scored in seventeen seconds back to back and that it was two thousand thirteen. All right. I'll try to keep up the thirteen metric. I should remember that. Yeah. So. She's at my house watching. Getting and mirror. Yes. Audi and getting louder and louder and louder and finally gets up something down and says, I'm outta here. That. Four. Drives from writes the old. Miles from my home. And I knew that. Well. What's up? And I reach over grab my phone call, and I thought no, no. And then I watched a little bit of the celebration. And I tried to time in my mind when will he be giving? I reached over the phone, and I said, hey, how's it going? He goes good. Nice. Driveway. Perfect time to run in insured or not. What are you talking about? I said. Churn. Is you? Little faith. And I hung up. Did he call you back? Mitch. He actually called me back. And he said, I probably shouldn't be mad at you. But I guess I gotta come in. And I absolutely. Yeah. That's a great story. A great start. Here's the deal. He actually stopped doing that. And. Basically said fell in love with the cubs plus three or four years. And he'll call me now, and then he absolutely stopped doing that. Joe remember, I think it was two years ago. How many Cup games where they came back from you know? What's it like it was over? And they started winning games the eighth or ninth inning. Poke him of that habit of being a baby and tuning out. That is so hilarious on. That's a great one. Great story. Mitch thanks for the call. Tell your dad the Bill Buckner. I will. I bet he knows that. When he probably knows that one. All right. Mitch. Thank you, buddy. They both have won glove for no apparent reason. I think I heard that one years ago, and I had died forgotten it..

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