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I'm carol hills. This is the world. China seems to have the corona virus under control. The nation has reported less than one hundred thousand cases. Compare that with twenty three million here in the us but this week lockdown took effect in china. It's an bay province in northern china. After nearly five hundred people tested positive. Mainland china also reported its first official cova death in nearly eight months. Rebecca kanther is in shanghai rebecca. One death from covid seems like a very low number. Compared to what we're experiencing here in the us is seeing that way in china no officials here had thought they had largely won the war on covert but one death and five hundred positive cases. Very scary for officials here. Because that's the first death since may of last year these are the highest. It positive numbers. They've had in ten months so in the past week. They put twenty eight million people on lockdown in several cities in northern china. And that's more than double the amount of people that were initially on lockdown nuhan last year. Wow that's that's incredible but just compared to here it's just so different yes You know the chinese government really wants to make sure things are under control and so you know for the past months have been really really tight on testing people coming into the country trying to keep those numbers down and you know in in cases of minor doing mass testing and they did that again during this outbreak. And here's a interviewing someone in the lockdown area earlier this week about his experience. You're so what are you saying that. In his housing community several thousands of people needed to stand in line for hours till the middle of the night to do testing. And now they're on lockdown so people can enter their community but not leave now. This is certain parts of china. Not all of china and it's really quite contained in specific areas where there are new cases so while are many people on lockdown in certain parts of china in other parts of china. Life is going on quite as normal. Now i understand. You're actually were traveling this week. Which which surprised me. I'm yes so you know. Although there's an outbreak in northern china. I really wanted to go back to han because the one year anniversary is approaching and i wanted to see what it's like there a year later you know so. I did all the preparations beforehand. I got a covert test. I brought the results with me. Your was wearing masks. And i have to say i. I knew that things there were largely returned back to normal. But i i have to say i was surprised to see it with my own eyes. So.

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