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The indictment, said Ben and received more than a million dollars from the organization that he used to cover personal expenses. The indictment makes Bannon the sixth person associated with the top Echelons of President Trump's 2016 presidential campaign to face federal charges. Aaron Carter SKI ABC NEWS New YORK The investing and initiative will be on the ballot this November. And if you make more than 250,000 year, it affects you. Voters approve you'll pay a 3.5% tax to support K through 12 education. Former state schools chief Hymie Malaria suit to stop the initiative and tells Katie are its effects will be made worse by the Koven 19 pandemic. Our ability to grow and to recover quickly from this pandemic and get back to where we were just a few short months ago will be even compounded it. It'll make it that much more difficult. The Arizona Supreme Court is letting it proceed after a lower court judge found its description misleading and had tossed it out last month. Once you put your ballot in the mailbox, it doesn't have to be out of sight. Out of mind. You have unease E way to track it, and the answer is right in your pocket. Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontas tells you how it's done. They can sign up using their smartphone by texting the word joined 26 to 8683, and they can either get text messages or emails regarding their valets status. Want to submit yourself? There will also be dozens of voting centers America County where you can drop off your ballot early without waiting in line. Luke forced Katie. Our news time is 807 check in to give a detour. Danny is live in the valley Chevy dealers, Traffic center. All right, get us to work. Get us to school. Get us to school. By going to say I can't find anybody on the campus to even talk about traffic Right now. It is a good looking ride. But you know what? Just the safety of everybody else that is there on foot Watch for the pedestrian travelers will be more of it. There are Thea's U campus and other places. Other schools as well. Stop on the 51. Hopefully no pedestrians. There is a minor wrecked. They're already off to the right and there's crashes at the following soft bound 17 frontage road south of Indian school, Glendale at 95th Avenue of Crash. Scottsdale Road to 02 Red Mountain Freeway erect in the Bush highway, Close north and South found between Soir Lake and State route 87 that due to a brush fire this traffic report brought to you by Gateway Community College. Make occupational therapy assistant happen. A gateway community college courses start August 24th visit Gateway. Si si dot edu America Community College.

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