President Trump, ABC, Senate discussed on Kim Komando


L, West Palm Beach Pembroke park Fort Pierce. From ABC news. I'm Daria Albinger, a partial government shutdown now in its fourth week, the White House and congressional Democrats are still on opposite sides over funding for President Trump's proposed border wall House Republican whip Steve Scalise says it's on lawmakers to solve the stalemate that's been very clear. Congress needs to solve this. The only people that have been unwilling to put any kind of offer on the table have been Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer Senate Democratic whip dick Durbin, urging Republicans come to the center for Senate Republicans the centrist who were trying to find some solution were shut down by the White House. It's time for those centrists to speak up and their own Republican Senate caucus, tell Mitch McConnell the party's over. We want this to end there's no excuse for the shutdown lawmakers on ABC's this week. So with where things stand could public pressure force other side to bend brand new poll with the Washington Post shows that right now a majority of Americans fifty three percent pin the blame on President Trump and Republicans in congress just twenty nine percent. The Democrats but support for the border wall is climbing last year Americans oppose the wall by twenty nine points, the margin now just twelve points. And while the shutdown is starting to cause serious stress for those federal workers missing paychecks. The vast majority of Americans eighty two percent say the stalemate in Washington has an inconvenience them at all ABC news chief anchor and host of this week, George Stephanopoulos confirmation hearings are expected to begin this week for President Trump's pick for attorney general William bar. A major winter storm slamming the east coast ABC news senior meteorologist rob Marciano deadly winter storm.

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