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Four th president. So you're right. Yeah so things happen the way to happen. That's not how you start the race areas fantasies and nine times i enjoy. She's just some people. Don't know difference but sometime difference than change is is the ultimate go and not being stuck in one place. That's all. I wanted to say. Thank you i i want to say just to be clear. I'm past that now. When i know they know who i am everybody know client now. It's not all play. They know they confused me as his sister. Probably mike stoops's said that they know they know i am every teacher. Principal not be name because they they they kind of guy you know what. She ain't nothing to play with. She don't layabout hurts thrown bucci report lay off at school every day l. unit right having my interested. My my story is just a little bit different. So my mom. She has five girls. My mom had babies fifteen sixteen sub. She got married. You know that she got me a really got married. When she was sixteen years old she had a baby. Fifteen sixteen seventeen in those two right. There was only ten months apart. She waited a couple years. My sister wait a couple of years. Had me twenty eight right baby. I'm nevada augur and she. She's on the boy. I wasn't so she gave up at that point. But i think i watched urged drug. Oh i watch my sisters. They were young moms. Do i watched it with struggle. I had a fear of being a mother for a long. Like be oprah or beyond say something on land. But i'm not having given indian guy and you kind of like a baby you know so but were different. Because i was thirty one when i had my first Right and then Our it was already into my career. I was already dead smack in the middle of going to school so my challenges was different and i saw i saw them struggle because they didn't have money and you know me i struggle with just the life changing and a time and trying to juggle work in school and a brand new baby. I had a really hard pregnancy to like. It was bad so encouraged have as low younger than what idea. Because your body can handle it better. But i i was just sick. All the time are almost like lost my job because i was always all. Fmla you mean what you deal with. I think at different stages like life. You deal with different. Try different things depending on where you are in your life and then my husband. I think he At the time we were married. You know what i'm saying. So he wanted to kim. He wasn't ready. We both kind of sitting there looking like a year and we had to go through some things growing pains as in a relationship just to be calm good parents but the one thing i can say is my mom always. She always loved on this. Yes no matter how much money she has. She made it work. You know what. I'm saying so wash right so i mean i admire so when i hear ya say y'all have as s. sixteen of i really admire that because you're not even in the mental. Say thirty one. I wasn't in mental status. Never think about being hit with a sixteen seventeen eighteen and a half to grow today. Inst- like italy. Somebody who you have to you have to. I had jalen. I got pregnant. When i was twenty and twenty one and i was very young so when i say it all the time the jalen grew up to you. And yeah you know..

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