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Carolina to a navy base at el centro california the navy says the cause of the crash isn't known eric leonard kfi news a woman hurt by a hit and run driver and south la has been taken off lifesupport she died at the hospital last night the crash happened last weekend is the woman crossed seventy nine th street near denker avenue her family says she was left with severe brain damage and other injuries the state has put out summit revised earthquake maps showing fault lines on the west side that could affect future development projects the faults run through some of la's most upscale communities including brentwood and pacific palisades this woman who lives in beverly hills tells ktla she's worried about living close to an earthquake fall the one that i felt was what is it a threepoint summary where it with a big job airdrie state law prohibits constructing certain buildings on top of active faultline one of three female supermarket shoplifters has shocked a security guard advance in arcadia literally serredszum zafy would silverwork affairs the remote soul this lady server was fair who gave the owen that guy was at the market last night police say the robbery the grocery store is similar to one that happened about an hour earlier at a cbs and temple city the three women stole some close their comp say the shoplifters are all black women in their mid thirty's it got into a red fourdoor car pa passively a kia or ford focus with paper license plates a federal judge has expanded the list of people allowed to travel to the us senator president trump's however temporary travel ban judge in hawaii his rule that grandparents should be allowed to visit their grandchildren in the us even if they're coming from one of the six muslimmajority nations outline of the white house travel ban the supreme court ruling little of gallo the of the orderly this year abc's brad mielke says the state department has decided close family relationships allowed into the country mean husbands wives parents even half siblings but the judge in hawaii also added aunts and uncles and cousins attorney general jeff sessions this administration will appeal the ruling to the us supreme court two men in wisconsin who stole one hundred thousand diapers from a charity have been sentenced to nine months in jail police say the guys swipe the diapers earlier this year in hopes of selling them burnings all this is currently for are coming.

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