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Other remember, I remember that blue in so there were two different color chemicals when they report into each other. And don't ask me how I figured out. What chemicals do use like potash or something like that? And the one new poured them together. It made a third color representing the new union. That's right. That was the symbolic moment, number that signed very scientific and wasn't really scientific, it was kind of funny tales were lacking. There might have been a little has mad scare after the chemicals were combined. Should've called chemists. I done vinegar Vic. Simple straight. You're. There is one question that I know the whole center for inquiry audience wanted me to ask, who are your favorites Kogyo bear players over the decades. The eighty five bears were stacked with people like Jim McMahon. Got me, Walter Payton. Excited about, you know this Khalil Mack beast. I lower defense now any old school players Way back. back. I mean, of course locker over his favorite gale sayers. I mean. I don't know Wellesz those the ones that come to mind. I mean those. Okay, matsui. Yeah. Name a million famous ardor yet the while those that's narrowed down. I mean, the bears have been around for almost a century. Now, I have a gift from the center for inquiry that I wanna present to, you know, in this decorators Robert forester letter opener. Know y'all our good friend Robert Forster gives out, these really nice letter openers. This is a paperweight. I don't know a twin. Do you have in your office way Elena rate on it says it's got the old center for inquiry logo at the top? It says center for inquiry with our pre Chichan for your generous gift, and I ran out of space. It was supposed to say of comedy for all of Americans. Thank you, my walls. But it just says generals gifts. So there you go. So it's like a lifetime achievement. It's a lifetime achievement world from not the eighth east something you probably would've mailed to donors. And you know, know that is a specific one of a kind kind of thing I just. If I, I guess I could have this stuff etched in around the edge, maybe your name. This is a wonderful paper beautiful on there. Yeah. So thank you. Yeah. No, thank you. Thanks for a being on, and thanks for being a friend all these years. Thank you for listening point of inquiry is production of the center for inquiry, the Senate foreign query five once he three charitable nonprofit organization whose vision is a world in which evidence signed in compassion, rather than superstition, pseudoscience prejudice.

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