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Is it just because he's younger I don't like what it might be because he's a younger than also he seems like he is pretty willing to go with whatever you know Darcy Stacey of are very large personas. It. So when you're somebody like a tom or even maybe to certain certainly Jesse where you kind of have a feeling I, don't I wanNA. Do this I don't WanNa do that I want you know I feel like foreign just kind of goes with. Okay. Whatever Stacey says, that's what we're. GonNa do. I love you doesn't really matter and so it's much easier for them to kind of you know move in whatever direction they're going to move together because he doesn't put up much resistance is that makes sense? Maybe that's what the attraction is that. Oh. He loves he does what I say. Maybe that's what it is I don't now that we do see that stay in Florida and have. decided they're going to elope. They're going to go ahead and get married and not tell anybody else which why don't I didn't quite understand that I mean on some aspects because like I just don't want people saying stuff I think what it is is that the video came out not the the latest video that she finds out the end of the episode but the first video where he's Kind of walking around the bend say, Hey, don't film in the pictures come out and so she's getting a lot of chatter from her sister family friends and she kind of feels like I. Don't want any of that stressor drama rector toward me. I. Just want to get married. Have it be was the two of us? Yeah and just be done with it. Then another very bizarre aspect. Of, all this is that they waited until eleven thirty at night to get married like I don't know who I who has a wedding at eleven thirty at night. So so then I go oh well, Stacey and Darcy or staying in the same whatever the whatever that is those those furnished apartments slash hotel rooms whatever they are looks like maybe like a Boutique Hotel maybe they're waiting until. To sleep and they're going to try to do it to keep it as private as possible trouble do at eleven thirty at night we'll sneak the efficient in. We'll set up our IPHONES will film it ourselves like maybe they were trying to wait until everyone goes, but then the big curveball is, oh, by the way we're in the wrong county, your marriage license is it furred this county and we're in a different county. So you can't we have to go to back to your dad's house and then they're standing on the front step with the cameras and the lights on learning just hoping that. Dad's not gonNA wake up and see like Oh my daughter's getting married down there. I. Was debating on whether or not like if you just had to go to the county couldn't you just go to like you know a grocery store parking lot or like a walmart parking lot in that county and just do the same thing like the post late I'm sure as long as they're within the county lines, they would have been fine. I. Mean. So that was my first is like you don't have to go all the way to your dad's front step to do. You can just do it somewhere in the calorie. CHICK-FIL-A doesn't matter but also I think for you know the perseverance of future videos stuff. It does look nicer if you're like in front of the House maybe now did anybody else notice that stacy was wearing the over the top wedding gown when they're in the hotel room.

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