Pennsylvania, Mitch Mcconnell, Senate discussed on The Mark Levin Show


Talkradio six eighty wcbm baltimore and wcbmcom another member of the president's inner circle calls it quick signed lease sylla sarah fox news white house economic advisor gary cohn announcing he snapping gals been rumored for weeks of hit a pitch late last week when the president announced that he was going to be slapping punitive tariffs on foreign aluminum and steel gary cohn was fiercely opposed to these tariffs or looks like you lost that battle but i'm i'm told that coen didn't leave because of any one thing it didn't didn't leave because he lost the battle on tariffs that he's not the sort of person who would pick up tickets wall and go home just because he lost a single game that there was more to it than that fox's john roberts at the white house president trump tweeting he'll will be making a decision soon on the appointment of a new chief economic adviser many people wanting the job he right will choose wisely some lawmakers with concerns the tara this could spark a trade war we are urging caution that this develop into something much more dramatic that that could send the economy in the wrong direction senate majority leader mitch mcconnell the say department skeptical about north korea's sudden willingness to negotiate with the united states state department says it wants a full debrief from south korea before officials decide the administration's next move secretary of state rex tillerson and the administration say they will continue their socalled pressure campaign pushing countries to isolate north korea diplomatically and economically to draw kim jong owned in do serious negotiations north korea says it wants its security guaranteed though it's unclear specifically what that means kim john loons regime has said it wants south korea and the us to suspend joint military exercises and it wants the u s off the korean peninsula boxes ray an app the state department more than 1000 flights already cancelled for tomorrow in advance of an already stirred that's expected to dump heavy snow from pennsylvania to new england fox news fair and balanced.

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