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Slugfest concerns are shooting the basketball. It has one for seven both teams the team combined the basket job, but I really liked sabres defense early. This basketball game. Specially Zach hankins Zack. Is keeping his body between the ball and the rim, and he's going straight up and down, and he has kind of deterred multiple sites where the ball got the ball right at the rim, but Zack's so darn long got long tall long jail that he has done a great job all three shots in blocking other fascists because of his size. It is positioning. Wabe defend while playing defense. Jones set it up on offense, by the way. Welcome back. Republic Bank broadcast booth Jones's practice shooting form from the free throw line is you're bringing the ball up. The floor was two free. Throws her. Right now, the question about these really done a good job getting better in that area. At the free throw line. We're gonna guess abandonment effects. Marshall has the ball right side of the four to the low block on the right shot. Back out. Top of the key. Kyle Casselman faked to three volley had there to take it. If be wanted it gives it up to Scruggs rotated right side of the Florida coast. Good five on the shot clock. And he bounces a right past. Gary Jones savers gotta take shots at present themselves deposits playing off of each one of the perimeter players. Somebody's got to have the courage to take the shot savior will the turn over to Paul with the basketball were tied at two. We five minutes in this ball game. Already fifteen minutes left in the first half truths. Top of the key picked up by Nike Marshall. Right side of the floor. Into the corner. Retried to drive on Paul struck six nine against six three hook shuttled away. But he settles for on the baseline, look how fast one with rebound brings it down before. Quickly left side of the floor centers at the good back to castle along the left sideline described gap between the circles, the Marshall hands it off to quit and good and top of the key drive to the elbow. Speeds. It inside a Jones. He's triple team gets a shot up rolls on the room falls off rebound taken by Jones. Are believable out the casting three off the back by Jones's. No good and the rebounds run down to the corner. You could probably hear that he wants for the slam dunk off the chip it volleyball doubt deep into the corner was run down by Lucia ABI for the depaul blue demons Lucci. Fires a three pointer. It is. No, good rebound tap to the free throw line taken by Strouss one dribble, finger roll and his ball. Rolls off. We've got a whistle foul and that'll probably go against the musketeer. Going to go against the Paul. How 'bout that? That'll be their fourth foul the ballgames ager yet to be called for fourteen o nine to play Xavier to the politics. Sure who they call that on Joe. Not quite sure. Either. Joel that last possession for Xavier. They missed they missed a wide open three, and they missed a follow dunk that fouls all lose be Byron baronets his first. So they've got four FAO spread out among four players. The key to hankins watch the cutters. Go right by now. Hands off the Marshall. He drives down to the elbow, spins and shoots, and he leaves it short rebound taken by Butch. Outlet pass teams or two for twenty one collectively right now gauge along the baseline gives it up his troops back outside of would you be in the low post, two bucks? He drives it under the bucket, Hank. We'll let me get a shot off for can on the shot clock. Gauge with the basketball top of the key down low inside a loser being he is fouled as he drives it hard to the bucket from the left side. He tries to score on the right side was sandwiched by two white jerseys at FAO might be on Zach hankins is that for is going to go. That's gonna be on false grunge. All right. Yeah. Was abra. Got. There is a mismatch where a loser be guarded by Paul Scruggs. Mismatch, especially illusion be gets the ball down low because he is six nine and every bit at two hundred forty pounds is a seventy five percent free shooter. Long time to get the shot off. He does show in drains it. He's been playing very well of late as last five ages four fifteen points, fourteen points twenty and ten plays about twenty five minutes of ballgame. Averages about thirteen points a game only have four points in sixteen minutes in the first matchup with savior. But he is capable of having a big night should spends. It dribbles expensive again dribbles again. Now he fires away. And this is no good rebound by the musketeer Scruggs being chased him behind changes hands to protect the ball. Bridget across the timelines Xavier trails by one three two to scratch. Top of the key lobs it down low and it's just out of bounds. He thought hankins was going to roll with the bucket tank was positioned himself. He thought Paul scrubs gonna shoot a three pointer miscommunication and Xavier second turnover the ball game. Where offense has been extroversion does ballgame so far thirteen eighteen to go. The Pauline three two two two Paul with the basketball gates brings it across the timeline of standstill dribbled between the circles entry pass right side. This screws top of the key Luger be with a picked up by hankins data canes. Right point, lobs it down low and grew the hand. Jalen bunch. Ajoy both teams one for fifth one for eleven from the field over five from the free throw line. And Xavier has two turnovers Paul has three. Ugly bat. I don't know if it's terrible offense or good defense. Joe? I'm gonna go with the defense. Paul rugs way out on the left side of the floor with a standstill dribble almost as if the Paul was in his own only. They're actually man to man Marshall. Now has it right point left point to quit. Good back out to Marshall worker behind the screen from hankins takes the floor dribbles towards the lane. Feeds it inside of that balls deflect the taken away by gauge back. The other way Cain with the basketball and the lane kicks it back outside the ball. Deflected by wellish scramble for came. Kane comes out with a for depaul throws a back out the time line to reset their offense. Nineteen on the shot clock. Drive along the baseline for the reverse. Layup leaves too short off the glass, pens off the rip couldn't get it. Get it high enough up to that square Marshall Muskateers and fires the threes. Got it takes away by three those six to play the firsthand what a crowd the like it can't go through the hoop. Back on the perimeter came bluffs, the three fees of the baseline and a power. Layup is missed inside. Paul tap. The primer were picked up by fruits. He fires a three hundred out rebound taken by Paul inside. The stick back is good. A foul is all that was a loser be Xavier had the inside position. But they were really too close to the rim. And it was a rebound the balanced out with a couple of feet by right, hand, luge, AVI. He power was able to pick up the fabric foul. I believe will be on hankins timeouts been God's Xavier five Paul five with eleven forty eight to play in the first half year at cintas center..

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