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The pitching coach and the ball in the bullpen coach down at the kitchen goes down to triple A. said no no he's ready to go back in the rotation and as a matter of fact he was talking about the fact how he loves pitching in Yankee Stadium because this is the place that restarted his career once they sent him down he spent memory is very wild and hit people and had always had a great arm and whatever went on down in the minor leagues this is where it all began for the second part of the thirty year-old's career and the umpires are now coming out on to the field in the lineups will be exchanging this place is is packed is filling up if they're empty seats I don't see them and it is was a nasty day actually is a pretty ugly day here but it but it stopped raining in mid afternoon it is very humid it is really muggy hard to breathe guys saying they were having even though the air is so is so heavy but this is obviously the most important game of the year the Yankees don't win this game at all and that's all there is they're all there is to it the fans will do their part you can you can note you know about that John was talking about how to describe the wild card game needs he'd ever seen here it really was it was like the old stadium there really was just like the same particularly maybe in ninety five when everyone was when everyone thought back to place the first time the wild card game and they were introducing Mattingly and and but Showalter the place was shaking for member of the press boxes actually shaking that was exactly what was going on here the other night it is the first time I have ever heard the stadium loud like that they were into it the fans the the players heard it they understood it and die every one of them to a man said she really helped them because your adrenaline starts going because the fans are are there any one of the guys said in the bleachers he turned around and every time the Aggies were on the bleachers guys in the bleachers were just jumping up and down and banging on their chairs that's why it was it was so loud here this copyrighted broadcast is affronted by authority of the New York Yankees and may not be reproduced or re transmitted in any form and the accounts and descriptions of this game may not be disseminated without the express written consent of the New York Yankees please sterling Castro tonight he may not be disseminated without the express written consent of the New York Yankees Masahiro Tanaka on the mound now getting ready for it to be as big a start as he has ever had in his career isn't thinking about maybe this is the last time you ever started a unique uniforms I would certainly hope not had big games he's ever pitched here warming up to his eye catcher Gary Sanchez it is Gardner Hicks and Josh left to right in your own field Todd Frazier at third do you go for use at short Starlin Castro is at second Greg bird at first so that is your defense tonight to go along with Masahiro Tanaka obviously the night before last there were a lot of mistakes and not just on the manager he's had to raise getting picked off second base you had Chad Chad green throwing a changeup which is third best pitch there was a lot of blame to go around for that and John you do have to remember G. there's another team on the field and they are they are really good and when you look at this line up the top of the order our Franklin George Mason can't miss and they were merece hi Jay Bruce's been worth his weight in gold here for Cleveland coming over from the Mets Santana at first Austin Jackson the ex Yankee for mantis and left fielder Michael Brantley is the G. H. when we last progressive field and one in Karachi on was in a walking boot and on crutches means a lot better today but I would be really surprised if you saw him pension at all they're hoping maybe tomorrow but who knows and it's freaking door steps up to the plate phone is the voice of the New York Yankees here is John sterling Susan I thank you once again good evening everyone got to get up to the Yankees tonight not for clean even can be another cliche losing groups new in the season's over lance start with phenomenal at the time he struck out all those matters that was awhile ago let's see what he has tonight here's Frankie Lynn door deleted off switch it about a month and if you can hear the New York one four seven but it was a big one a grand slam to bring the Indians within one the other night excuse me it is outside on the one on one no one wants to live in door switch hitter batting a it's a they're based on a Lou Nuer Kipnis Ramirez Bruce he is Lindores we're in the system one two he needs early you know you're going to you don't have to worry about him for awhile one year is the center fielder Jason Kipnis goodness to region no homers and RBI LF janitor in the mid to high in the air Jordan third grade you're right near the bag to make the dance there are two you're ready this crowded can you imagine of the exit one a game when they came in within that voucher winning the game with when I forgot but over with two eight years Jose Ramirez a fugitive that England deals on so Ramirez is one four nine no homers or RBIs journaling the origin ninety three ninety three and ninety four good one one well the fans so far doing their part well I mean they were ready no question will be a one one and tonight deals a brick walls inside to you know on the strike out of Lynn door I saw that picture again and it was a sweater going down in a way the same way it reacted as his two seamer beloved and it is the two one there's a great deal his room is usually take while everyone on their feet here use the choose to I love it hello I made a comment in Cleveland they want everything they want everything to on the other side wanted to consider to remain very strong start for tonight at three up three down to strike out Cleveland nothing is coming about the W. F. N. New York Yankees radio network driven by G. during these challenging times I'm listening.

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