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Or, what well what happened was the had the company called the The actual customer? National, team when I was doing the coaster came up Oh my God Luckily there. Wasn't very long The perez Hydrated me and everything, was good but it wasn't. Very long it was probably going to be ten minutes It's just a flesh? Wound and then what did you get. Back. To. Work did you take the rest of the, day off I took the. Rest of the payoff okay okay but still Presents. Real. Men. Of genius Today we. Salute you we salute you Mr. plumber Plummer, in the attic. Thank you for your call, Michael what a. Story, I'm so glad you're. Ok that is insane you're you're a veteran brother. You can tell by passed out. Of the. Addicts I, know what I'm. Talking about you rookie right Thank you. Brother I don't die. On me bro Member Keith Richards told Mick Jagger this is. From the keyboardist the stones show once he, told me that you go hydrate you hydrate when they were, giant stadium. Warming up and said I am I. Got ice cubes in my whiskey We're going to continue the. Worst jobs in this heat one line open, eight hundred two eight eight eight hundred to eight eight nine, two two. Seven this is the Chris krok program.

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