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Feel like sweats. Discover new arrivals at express shopping express dot com or in stores way are back on get up. Let's play a game cold. Who's the most important player in each division was not a quarterback dan. Let's start in the afc east. Who is the most important on quarterback in that division rookie wide receiver for the dolphins. Jalen watteau greenie jalen waddell alabama had seventeen touchdown catches for seven hundred fifty seven yards. He averaged almost forty five yards per touchdown. Cat this is a playoff-caliber football teams. That needs to find an explosive weapon. On offense jalen waddell brings them dat. Let's go out west. Mike can't about the most important non quarterback in the afc west. it is derwin james greenie. He's only played in five games in two years. And you and. I both love justin. However you don't how explosive on offense is gonna be. We know about joey. Bosa funds for the charges to close the gap on the teeth during james is going to have to play lead and he is going to have to play an awesome game. Guess which to. Your point almost never seems to happen with brilliant rookie. And he's been banged up ever since dan. Let's go to the. Amc was the most important non quarterback and that division big play ob j. His offense in cleveland was last year. They need someone to create big plays in the past game for them last year there were twenty fifth in the nfl. In twenty five yard or more passes he can bring that to this offense. Too big play play action bombs down the middle of the field to stretch the sideline odell beckham closes the gap between the browns and a super bowl. I liked that a lot and the browns obviously a team thinking about winning that division. How about their archrivals.

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