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I can't see you. Yeah and you see how many shoes. I can't see how you have at least fifteen in plain sight that i'm sure that is probably the highlight of the that that roe the nc that there is another sex. Those jesus christ do you. J. seventeen full over is ridiculous. I'm imelda marcos. Do either of you know who is democracy. The wife of the president of the philippines and she famously had the world's biggest collection of shoes. I'm while the people were struggling with poverty. Say sure you money on shoes. Some of wife's in the similar situations i. She's she's she's the philippines and demarcus. Geology himmy welcome to the cost a great introduction. How you doing today jay. I'm great thank you. we started. No yes yeah. Yeah we'll right. Yes hello site. I for the listeners. That don't know you do you own. Jared j. t. one issue fell. Yeah modems j. smith. I'm a bit larger than life. Various reasons some good some bats. An i know you to from our equity mainly i have something of a legend legendary pastore reputation wherever you want to call it against some of could solve it bad and i've lived something of a colorful life. Jay is what i'm in your email address. Does what deviant come from gothic rock star. So china has ally may delay vaguely music. I made eleven. I wasn't like traveling ferrari or anything like that. I would be like a record sale. Two thousand full and i kinda shoe that would be like a selection supermodels at the dole an- and a ferrari porsche and the drive within six months known of ever happened very. Yeah the one married obviously but yes absolutely but the the the is that it was the best job in the world for for a long time. You not total of the world a plight most continents amazing time doing it but all good things come to an end await still signed to record label. It was still still white third album which i haven't done anything for like five years. They still message me every now and again and say. When's this gonna be ready on. I'll just say yeah. Yeah yeah soon. Becoming a music industry changed dramatically. I'm a bit older than you. I know it's hard to believe from looking at me. But a couple of years exile just a couple of years for a longtime say dis with the thing and people would say days on t shirts on the rest of it while utah and that was great and he got advance from the record label and so forth but over time with the advent of streaming on particularly foul sharon in the like two thousand sixteen thousand seven air rage. Not stroll saw so sake was the worst one on on. I'll tell you about salsa you found that agitation cycles in terms of income and so you would have to toll relentless lights might not work and life changes and you can't. You can't just can't do it. you know. We did a forty tight tour of america and there was like three days often that soul and it was amazing is an experience to go to sort of light on rouge louisiana on have like these people knowing your sons is incredible but the end of the soul lecture broke even because obviously in the bandini paint pilots not under. It was an amazing experience. It was just a way to make eleven and for the rest of my life possibly could and you've got to be realistic at some point so i still occasionally shows. I did one last year. A comeback show sold out in two. I say that it was a funny. The hold one hundred hundred people. But i just sold out and so many say it sounds great so it wasn't wembley arena but never mentioned the capacity. Obviously you know you have to say there. You have to describe it in certain manners him. Yeah donald trump. Yeah exactly so yeah. That's how it got the name deviant so the boundaries. Go david david. Uk so what happened with it so yes a show secrets. Like a fault of pittsburgh file sharing thing kind of the precursor herenton gas on. I in used to play everywhere you know because i loved it so much and also it was my job so if i got off of the show in middlesbrough on a on a tuesday night we will take it and sometimes it was great. It was terrible. I'm bob. I was determined to make it work so i told everybody anyway. This one show played in stockton on tees which was in the northeast and after the show. This came up to me and said i'm got the new album. How great you said you had of so sake. Oh thanks why would you tell me that. Just say you've got it and he said why don't you think i paid for it and i said 'cause 'cause he's my ought respect and i want you work and you can just said. Just take a cost stereo on. And he said he is not the same thing. That's an absolute with this same thing. Anyway this guy wrote me a letter. Latter an actual letter went appear. Po box and you having this. Let's tell me how he's never going to listen to music again. Because of our arrogance was extracts people.

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