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We did that but this is this. This is jet. I come being transferred through the force. Why didn't know sell it? I thought it was funny. What you WanNa do you wanNA round of applause? Okay hold on your job is good right now. Now that's what I was saying. Pal Patine want one of Ray's parents. They never established you either raise. Mom or dad is palpitations. Son or daughter correct correct so that person just like is a good person when we get nothing on that. That's what they decided so late in the the game to make our palpitation. They literally there's nothing they could do. And that's like a terrible corner to paint yourself into storyline wise. We get nothing on that. Who did palpitation bone was married in our talking? Did he manipulate this to Israel Medical Ryan Birth. Just like there's so much that they just said this is what's happening and that's an an accepted. Move on like that sucks. That sucks folks. Would you do freak. Oh God I mean. It's one of the bright spots. Hey Hey Georgia ready. He's is one of the burnt spots. which is that mean frank? That should be alarming awesome. Hated the new. DROID like enough. You didn't like him audio now. All right we got the new droid for this trilogy. which is maybe a smaller version of our two? Now we're doing a small like come on enough it'd been cool for his name was. Do and but he only talked like Ronnie James Deo you. You've he'd be like you've sold sold enough toys enough. I don't know it was too cutesy for me and it was same. Thing is the poor from Jeddah. Less people make fun. You want people make fun of the walks enough. We don't need all this you're gonNA YOU'RE GONNA make you're gonNA make Isabel upset. She loves the PORKS. I think Bobby Frick is a great character. And it's a great example like Babu. Frick reminds me of salacious. Crumb from returning the Jenner. Like it's a perfect thing. Yeah I mean he's perfect. I I will buy anything. Babu Freak. Do Baba Freak Disney plus series. Oh my God could you imagine it'd be fucking amazing. All right that's a good segue. The other thing that happened in the Star Wars Universe besides the rise of skywalker coming out and making star wars fans murdering each other is demand Lorraine wrapped up now for me demand. Laurean is the polar opposite of the rise skywalker still in the Star Wars universe. You WanNa tell that is eight episodes where they took their sweet ass time telling the story. They made things matter they made you know by the the time. Big Action points happened which weren't nearly as complex send special effects driven as the stuff in the movie theater. They still had more of an impact because they were spaced out. They're few and far between like there's a couple of episodes of that show where the whole plot of the episode is Mando goes from Point A. to point B. With Fabiola Coda and I love I mean is that it was the epitome of space western drawn out over eight episodes. It gave you enough. Without being fully immersed in the regular star wars storyline left enough things dangling for season two that people really WanNa see that demand Lorient is is at least for the next foreseeable future is where I think the future of Star Wars is and where it will thrive your thoughts so oh I haven't finished it yet. Episodes say more. What have you? I don't care. Listen I don't care it shame on me for not finishing it's GonNa talk about. I the last episode I saw was the one with Gina. Khurana were there in that. Oh my God Frank Jesus Christ yeah I mean well it no I'm nowhere. It's hard because I watch it with. Liam they're super shore. I know it's hard because I watched it with Liam and it's just with with wrestling and everything that's been going on on the weekends. We really don't ever like synergy is at the point where we can watch together in. That's the only reason and I'm just like I don't don't Wanna I don't WanNa Watch it without him. That's bullshit just watch without watch him without him and lie be like every other fucking parent so your your suggestion is to light of my child. Watch the show because your podcast takes precedence and then tell say no. I haven't watched it yet. And then when something surprising happens happens to be like all like okay so you haven't even gotten to the prisoner ship episode yet with Bill Burn it which is amazing. No somebody somebody said that the media the digital again and bill burr shows up. Yeah it's idea idea it's bill burr and the tonks Harry Potter. She met her dragon con sheep twilight. And then the finale boy. I'm better than I don't WanNa. I'd rather it's fine. It's fine dude for the listeners. It's my fault I haven't watched it. I don't deserve why they introduce you know it's another ballsy thing there's like for the first six episodes of that show you think Werner Herzog's character the client that initially hires Mando to go after baby iota the villain he's not they introduced grandma Gideon Who is a moth Tarkhan? Waza may empire and this dude's foods no joke and then in the so this is going to be deep star Wars Lord. I don't even think I'm pretty sure you don't even know the backstory on yet. But a lot in the last episode they introduced dark sabre which is the which is a force weapon that was in was forged on Mandolin. Four and is that is that the is that what the the black hybrid crystal. Yes and somehow MAFA GIDEON HAS IT. which is you know which was kind of awesome? A jet I know it didn't I mean we don't know enough yet because he's only he only peers in the last two and he knows the actor Giancarlo Exposito and then he doesn't actually show from he's from breaking bad and The one the show about where all the lights in Orca went out You're talking about. Yeah so he only shows up at the back half of the seventh episode then. He's all eighth episode. The finale is is on fucking believable. Yeah so I'm really excited to see where they go with that. Should you think then Kanobi is going to be a step back then. No because I get the people are of two minds on this but like I don't think see just because people were tired of the skywalker. Saga that doesn't mean you can't go back into legends and explorer. Because I mean the prequel trilogy is if not worse than than sequel trilogy. It's it's probably worse. But the best thing to come out of it was you and McGregor playing obi-wan-kenobi and in general grievous sure I love grievous to and people have long wanted to see like you know so that is obviously going to be like. I don't think that Disney plus series is just going to be him sitting on touching watching luke frayed episodes like he'll probably probably leave the planet and they'll be something you know. There's a lot of rumors that darth Maul is going to be in that which would be awesome. He'll flex spider Mo- you'll find out I'm also live. We know him also live from Solo. So and then I will but he was alive wasn't he. was He alive in rebels. Yes yeah rebels. And I'm I'm I'm pretty excited for cash in hand or to like I think it's going to be good. What is that? That's the Disney plus series the two print junior. No no it's Diego Luna from rogue one. It's hit why everybody what he was all the hatred towards him. I thought he was a really cool character match that to me showed like this seedy underbelly of the rebellion where he was essentially an assassin. They sent him not to kill people and altruistic is coming back as K.. Two which is great so I mean when when is a bad thing never so that'll take place pre that'll play place like during I. I really am excited by the idea of a series that takes place during like empire rule. Will you know what I mean. We're like whereas under the oppression of the empire. I like that idea. What if the KANOBI show was like rated rated R.? And it was just him whoring in doing heroin or like he runs a brothel Maasai slowly. He's basically we like little finger. They put the casting call out though for their casting like nine year. Old Luke is that is that cool. I don't think he'll play a big part. I think they need to they need. You can't have that series and not at least I show him checking up on them and demented rats like an. Apparently he's having Bruce Wayne in the joker see. I didn't mind that either like I. Don't mind the connective tissue. Like I think. I don't think that Luke will. I don't think protecting luke or watching luke will be the main plot driver a series but I think Joe Joe Energy is going to come back to play Uncle Owen which is cool. I don't know all over Maine's it you know if there's as part of this series that's like Ogun leaving tattooing and searching the galaxy further Janai that survived order sixty six signed me the fuck up. Yeah that'd that'd be pretty cool I wanna see that there would also be cool if it's just if it's eight episodes of you and McGregor watching nine year old Luke through a window in masturbating that would be me the entire constantly. That'd be such an avant-garde way to go but oh you see his face like you never know. So it's like and so he has to like a moat through his face. You just hear happing fabric Possibility of Liam Mason cameos cool. I mean that we need to go icon Jin series. Vader could definitely definitely be in this move. I don't know how much they want to do. All that I mean there's there's as little as much skywalker main character stuff as they wanna put in it like. I wanted to communicate with Iota I would. I would imagine I would imagine. He Communicate Kate with Baylor Ghana. I don't know like to me that's exciting like I. I don't mind them especially dipping back into like an area. Where are honestly this is going to sound terrible but like we know we like those characters? It's going to be mostly people from the original trilogy..

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