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As anything there is throughout the entire rest of the system. Breitbart was a sleeper powerhouse, and it became a major influencers. Prince a former navy seal was the ultimate pizza gave valid eater. Now. The story had legs pizza gate Twitter traffic spiked. I Donald John Trump, do solemnly swear. That I so we all know what happened in the election on November eighth? Trump won the electoral college and became president. But that didn't stop the spread of pizza gate. It actually grew after the election. So then the next major thing looks like is November sixteen th there's a decent sized spike. All of a sudden once again, that's reveals data editor Mike Corey. Yes. Dude things happened that day. Yeah. One. The story gets picked up in Turkey. And Turkey was Turkey and Turkey. Yeah. Gate was huge Turkey. I had no idea. It was front page. News Oliver Turkey and had hit on a sixteen. And then the other thing that happened on the sixteenth was Jack persona Beck. He went to comet ping pong to the pizzeria and he lives periscope his investigation where he was going to go inside comet ping pong and find out once and for all if there was any truth to the rumor, I was.

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