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Went happy to be with you here on this thursday. Shake some things up today. But i are excessive of the flair and hair poll question will the avalanche or the nuggets win a championship this year in after a night of where the denver nuggets who are are down badly with injuries. Right now they They just were dominik last night. Over the new york knicks and the and the knicks had a really good year they were dominant and the the avs blew a two zero lead to the san jose sharks to lose that one three two two. So don't let reasons he buys. Come in here but do you think either. The avalanche denver nuggets will win a title. This year let us know on our facebook page at noko now and okuno or like always you can text tonka girl text line and nine seven zero four seven eight one three zero one nine seven zero four seven eight one three zero one. You can text. Kpfk that number you'll be subscribed and ready to go miles. Boom her is out on assignment this week. So we're gonna have a special guest. Our golf course of the month is the greeley country club and claire carter. The director of membership will be joining us about nine thirty five. How to talk about the golf course and hey we Some point here in this month. We're going to be giving away some Some rounds of golf out of the greeley country club so stay tuned for that as well. The possibility to win that As well but we'll talk with claire. Carter mike. Morris of articles specialists will join us in our number two as well Efforting to get air new dell on to talk about well. The taste of fort collins announced their lineup. And it's an interesting. It's absolutely an interesting one. But when excuse me wanna talk with air new dell about that as well all right. Let's get into news four northern colorado man after the news about see us his you you and see all these colleges requiring the vaccine right. I know i got a lot of backlash kind of right off. The bad aims community college to offer free summer tuition for some welcoming residents in case. You're wondering if this is just happens to be a coincidence that they announced this just a couple of weeks after the lash back from From the decision on unc nc uncc's it's not This and alenia the greeley tribune angels four campuses in the county greeley fort leptin loveland and windsor announced. The in a news release issued late wednesday morning. Students must register for classes by june first. So you've got a little bit of time but you gotta get in there and get registered The past year has been tough financially for many people and our hope is to relieve some of the financial burden for current and new students As they work through this That was the aims president. There talking this is. I mean it's good timing for community college to strike. you got people right wrong or indifferent. They're a little upset about that. The well this college can't tell me what to do. I'll go spend my money elsewhere and for aims to announce something like this now. And don't get me wrong. I'm sure aims was going to do this anyways. I'm just saying the timing of the release. I mean there's obviously a reason for that. There's obviously a reason that they're just picking right now to announce that a good for them. I said i. We've got people who work here that have gone through aims community college. I've had a close close friends who have gone through their different trade. Schools aims does a pretty good job. They really do. And you factor in the tuition prices. It's crazy the difference. It's crazy the difference especially right now with such a shortage of of of workers in almost every industry. I don't know why why you wouldn't consider going. And grabbing a trait degree at at ames and look their new students and even existing students. If they apply for classes by june. I it could be eligible for a of for free summer semester. Free of tuition and we didn't we just see front range community. College was doing this too so a couple community college. Well they they got a grant right. Did they were able to To give out from each community college did but pretty cool to see these universities These these community colleges stepping up and helping helping these highschoolers that it may be just getting out of high school and try to figure out what to do and you know last year. It was hard on highschoolers. Especially if you're a senior all these plans you're going to do this this this and this and then boom none of it happened so pretty cool For people to get started More news for northern colorado. And you might ask this. Tanner wiry reading the story. Well i'll get there just second. Cherry creeks mark johnson interest. Twenty twenty one season on verge of breaking chances all time win records. Spike al numina. The denver post mark johnson in cherry creek. He's been there since nineteen seventy three in nineteen seventy-three cherry creek. Look a whole hell of a lot different than it does now. But now forty nine years later. Cherry creek Has become just a a as as kind of and puts it in athletic behemoth and johnson has remained the constant a pillar of excellence in greenwood village. So the seventy six year old enters the twenty twenty one season one victory shy of tying the chats all time wins mark which is of course held by jim dally out of eaten The win mark of eight hundred seven. So by eaton's jim danley on the precipice of history. Johnson credits is longevity success and status as a car out of baseball icon to the groundwork laid in his early years on the job long before the bruins won a big school record eight state titles There's no doubt. I mean there's there's no doubt in my mind this this was gonna eventually get broken. Right what danley had set up but still with that being said It took forever. I mean it took a very long time danley. Call johnson's imminent eight hundred. Seven thousand eight hundred eight victories. Which could come in the opener. May six that molin which is today in. It may eight at tom. Mccollum field against the mustangs quote a stunning record. I'm happy for him. Said daily johnson's college classmate at northern colorado records are made to be broken as the old saying goes and it's cool because we took different paths. He was the metropolitan city guy. And i took the small town road in what he's done with his program of cherry creeks ability to stay consistently nothing short of incredible so kind words thereby Daily and when mark johnson is going to break his record this year. And i mean that whole whole situation sucks right. That happened with with jim. Danley over in eaten. Because there's i don't care what side that deal you were on. What he had done in. Eden was remarkable. I just think if things hadn't gone haywire just think if there wasn't some issues that popped up within him and his coaching staff hell just think these signs the damn paperwork did they had in front of him then all of a sudden that eight hundred seven mark for jim danley probably olot. I mean is it reasonable to think you know and four or five six years since it's happened. Is it reasonable to think he could have had close to a thousand wind right..

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