FBI, Russian Government, Foreign Policy discussed on WSJ What's News - Manafort Indicted; Energy Regulator is an Industry Ally


What's news from the wall street journal top stories and timely in fact i'm charlie turner in new york the new head of an agency charged with overseeing safety and the offshore oil and gas industry is an industry veteran more on this coming up but our top story former trump campaign chairman paul manafort was arrested monday on charges he laundered through offshore accounts more than eighteen million dollars in funds from his work for a pro russia party in ukraine manafort and his longtime business associate and former trump campaign official richard gates are the first to face arrest in an investigation into russia's meddling in the two thousand sixteen election which has led by special counsel robert muller though the charges don't appear to relate to the men's work on president trump's campaign prosecutors said manafort use the funds for what they described as a lavish lifestyle including spending millions of dollars on antique rugs landscaping cars and clothing without reporting it to the internal revenue service this is according to the indictment unsealed monday gates referred to in the indictment as mr mann affords right hand man was charged with helping mr manafort transfer funds and spending more than three million dollars himself including on his mortgage and interior decorating services neither defendant reported the income according to prosecutors also as part of the muller probe of foreign policy advisor to the trump campaign pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi about his contacts with a professor who was connected to russian government officials according to court documents unsealed on monday george pompidou topless admitted he misled the fbi in a january interview by telling agents that he had only interacted with a professor before joining the trump campaign.

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