Giannis, Derek Rose, Tom Thibodeau discussed on Open Floor: SI's NBA Show


So Chris, what do you make of their offensive struggles? Are you willing to chalk it up to, hey, they need their guys back or are you now in a position where you're maybe worried about Milwaukee? So I'm going to put a lot of it on just they have the 5th worst offense in the NBA. Right. So you mentioned before those Tom thibodeau bowls, which I always thought that they were really interesting from the standpoint of they obviously played a lot of time without Derek rose. And they held their own, you know, largely because of what you pointed out, they played their best players long minutes, even when rose was out, which was risky given that rose might have gotten hurt for that same reason. Anyway, you know, they could hold the fort for just long enough, but then I've always wondered, and there's not really a way to determine it definitively. But I've always wondered if when a team goes without a guy for so long, then they finally get that guy back and then they're right back out of the lineup again because they get hurt or because they like physically aren't right. I've always wondered if that kind of like it would be like if you ran a marathon, you get to the finish line and then when you get through the finish line, I actually got another four miles coming around. Like that has to be just kind of like, God, you know, I'm tired, I'm exhausted. And I think the bucks have enough defense to stay competitive and win a lot of these games. But one, Giannis can't play every minute because butt is not going to butt is not going to be Jason Kidd here and play his superstar 8 million minutes. If anything, we've seen the opposite in the playoffs before where he's subbing on us out with like two minutes left in a game to get him a breather. But I just wonder on some level are the guys exhausted from trying to hold down the fort for so long with that Middleton. Also Middleton is like the most traditional star have, really. Right. Where I just kind of feel like creating Giannis is capable of doing it obviously is a great passer, but he's got deficiencies that make Middleton the more dangerous player of the two. In certain moments, which is why that's stupid thing a playoff run or two ago where we were like, you know, Batman and Robin, but honest is Robin. You remember, so but if you have to have those conversations, there's obviously some truth to it that Middleton is just the guy that he's more of a mid range threat. You know, he's more of a three level scorer than Giannis. So I think that that takes a toll. I mean, if you look at it just on a base level, the role guys, a lot of the bench players have just not shot well this year. Bobby portis has had a perfectly fine year, but he's shot 32% from three. Pat Connaughton normally a very good three point shooter, one of the ones they rely on the most as a role guy shooting 31% George Hill 31%. Joe inglis, who's new to the rotation, but like his playing 20 minutes a game, 31%. So Wes Matthews 31%.

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