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He went on the hour instead. All of the things he said i mean. Jed mentioned earlier that that kelvin gasoline endeavor until have this ability to fail upwards and like continue to terrorize and esteem in people's eyes are hold esteem and people's eyes despite spotty records kevin lease one of those dudes to me man. Like he's like. I have mean we. Ariel is the utmost professional in those settings. I gotta give him credit for for not like fallen out of his chair. When kevin lee said he was a top five welterweight and say that it's too bad. That could be retired when he did because he didn't get to face any real elite competition believing himself to be that elite competition. So i mean before that interview. This was all right. Let's see what kevin lee can do after losing to the guy. That's that's now. The lightweight champion comes off that terrific finish of gregor gillespie the only man thus far to be gregor gillespie. And go okay. Let's let's see what he does. When he enters back into the welterweight fray then he goes out and talks all of this mess and put himself in the top five dismisses everybody when he's got zero welterweight wins and is going against the guy. Daniel rodriguez that is tough. That is legit. Wins in that division since kevin lee last fought so it's not like he's going in there against some nobody has no business being in the cage with them or one of these dudes that he beat when we were giving them a whole lot of credit and attention on his way up. Lightweight any put this giant target on his back. Set the bar exceedingly high when it didn't need to be and so yeah. This is absolutely must win. I wrote about it this morning. Then like this guy might be top five but we sure we sure don't know and we're not going to see it until it proves it and i just don't think he can prove it like this is a dude that that puts himself in this category with zero evidence to back it up like there is nothing right now to back it up as great as that gregor gillespie knockout was gregor. Gillespie is the number ten lightweight in the world. Right now or in the afc right now. That's the best when he got if the best when you have is the dude that isn't even in the top five yet and you haven't beaten anybody that's in the top five. You probably shouldn't go around saying all of these dudes that are far more accomplished than you really. Aren't that good and you can take them all. What do you think jed. You laughed a little bit but must win for kevin leon. saturday laugh. That spencer said he might be able to prove it. Because kevin lee very clearly. We'll be serious half. Because i i just want this point to be made. Even if my heart doesn't feel he has his best win is probably not gregor. Gillespie in hindsight probably mike acacia. Who is in fact. The top seven welterweight and i assume that that's where he's getting his the basis for our top five while right granted that was four years ago and had a different weight class. But that's still probably is fest win because as much as i have spent years saying he is not good. I have turned the corner. And i'm willing to accept a. He is at least a solid welterweight. He is finally his loss since they luca actually proved to me that he is a competent one. Seven deer and now. I'm stay out of feelings about having got a lot of lot thought saga emotions. This is a part of me. That has nothing respect for kevin lee. Because there's a man who has made a career just saying stuff. I respect kevin these games without basis in fact or logic you can't look at this man and what he's done and say anything bad about the absolute moxie it takes two straight face. A hoagie never fought a good wrestler. And i would have been at gallon. Kevin lee who made the national tournament once in college also agreed. Last fight was against. Ncwa all american just engaging who he beat the frigging bricks off of so. Just throw out that argument in the face of the he says he. Chris tucker's is way through it by just saint stuff so i gotta respect that. But as spencer point val kevin lee is another do who fails upward. And that's the thing. I respect that. A balcony leak is he fails upward budgets saints up there until does a lot to kill the gas gasoline. I don't really know how he feels not like. He's some charismatic dude. On the mike the people are that interested nearing him. Kevin lee i get it. He's got fashioned. Since you gotta respect the man's fits he's always looking clean but he's not very good at actually beating real poets. He does have some good wins. Which is that's huge. As we've said he has a lot of he does a lot of that losing and the best thing about kevin lee and won't be forever. We'll never be the best thing about kevin lee is. He lost to allied quinta in the funniest fight. That i've ever seen because you very clearly was a better fighter than allied and just just couldn't figure out like in cage you're watching his brain note and not be able to fight and in this do for a month later i would beat. He'll be i could not. I could not beat ally. Quick to be jabbed to de. I couldn't fix that puzzle. But i'd whip v the best light woodcutter which is at s- so you gotta respect him. He's insane and maggie rodriguez because the last hour went up to walter workout. You hot as it gets washed more. That's the craziest part of this right. Is that like he's owned. One at welterweight welterweight feels like it's just. I haven't figured out how to cut weight properly and manage my diet. Be professional about all of this to make fifty five. Because he could be a like. I think he could be a contender at fifty five. He's got some skills he's got some talents can't do he can't. Because that's the prob. Nobody is doubting that man's talent kevin lease gigolo talent advisor ever seen. This kid can do a ton of stuff but he. I don't i don't know if it's a mental thing or if it's a conditioning thing is just tend to wane as fights go on like she just can't put the pieces together in a functional way s. Not a problem. You fix a hugest and it's really not a problem. You fix when you say. The things that kevin lee does. It's connor like connor. Connor has an infinite amount of talent and he could make comeback would. He's not going to because he can't register the like what i'm doing doesn't work. And this is actually good. Like he's just he's in his own world of stuff and kevin these la light that and like yeah man. sme went to one seventy funnel puffed up. Lightweight couldn't get the job done now fighting the jit welterweight who's really underrated a really scary dude. Like i don't know man i just. I don't love respect for allied clinton because he accomplished a lot despite having minimal talent. But like if you can't figure alike window. I don't know that daniel rodriguez and the hammer that dude throws are where you will be figuring it out like i'm with spencer. He won fifty five a division. he should be. I know he's too big for he needs a one sixty five five pounds that maker cut. I guess he's just a lunatic. And i vacillate between thinking. He's hilarious jarring and out of his frigging mind. And so that's that's sort of our statement. Kenley also set to compete on saturday for the first time with to surgically repaired. Acl's let's not forget that part too because that that's probably important in the whole super athletic fighter thing now. Working with two reconstructed needs in the last eight years but habib would not have been able to do anything. but but he's top-five kaz because what. What does sent luca and stephen thompson and gilby burns. Bring to the table you is. I just realized this is why..

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