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Couldn't believe that i didn't know how to use the producer of the show matt roberts who's also the person who helps our students here locally on the computer showed me how to do it and i was just stunned that i did not do that you're learning something every single week it's exciting in every single day if you want to apply yourself at that level and there's a lot to learn you know right to swing trading the options market well i need does futures and forex as well i mean he's a multi asset trader most professional traders eventually do trade all of the assets they each have different advantages right so you stole my thunder a little bit because the other markets or the global futures market global for market which is the currency's market and they all have their kind of good points but there is also some drawbacks a little bit you let so you need to understand those need to understand the language of each of those markets and then you need to have a tool kit and arsenal of skills that you can use to make money in the markets when the markets are going up or when the markets are going down right and you know what i i got introduced a trading and i never really wanted to learn how to do this but when i lost fifty two percent of my wife savings a two thousand eight i thought well maybe it's kind of important to have at least a base education might be a good idea and i wish i'd done it through two years because i could make a killing in two thousand eight on that downmarket language but instead i sat on my hands that i was passive investor couch potato investor if you will my money was an 401k and mutual funds that's buying hold investment the only way you make money in that is if the markets are going up right but when the market's decide to go down then guess what happens to your count your account goes down right there with them educated yeah wish you kind of explain that here in a little bit but the point is is that the.

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