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Unclear if that's correlated, but obviously that is always a problem that the more and more of the average person's life that you're putting online. Is an incentive for attackers to come and use that. And that's part of why I mean, there's a number of reasons why I use cash part of it is actually tying back to my original attempt to use a debit card where I know that I have cash in my bag and I know that when I give it to a person and they give me a product, the transaction is done and that's it. That's all I don't need to think about it. It's the money's there and that's done. Every time I use a card, I have to wonder, okay, does this card work in this particular country? Would it even work at this particular place that I'm using? Because sometimes my card is very picky about where it likes to work and not work. Even government buildings have sometimes just not like I'm trying to register and I need to pay a small fee and it won't work for whatever reason. So it's constantly I'm worrying about whether it's going to work, whether I'm going to get stuck somewhere without money that works because all I have is plastic and not money. Another part of it is privacy. And then the other aspect of it is that I just, I just simply don't, I don't need to have a digital record of everywhere that I send my money. I don't want someone to be able to find that and be able to figure out information about me like where I've been, the places that I like to go. There's a number of different reasons besides privacy, but that is a big part of it. And I can't, it's extremely difficult. There are ways that you can protect your privacy even while using debit and credit cards. But it's always going to be worse in comparison to cash. Yeah, and more work too. So I actually love this topic that we started on because of the grocery stores. You guys are probably both familiar with Mike basil, but he's a privacy advocate in the U.S. and one of the hacks that he promotes to that he does himself and that he promotes to his listener base as if you go to a grocery store, try using the local area code plus the number 7 6 5 three O 9 or whatever from that song. And so I've gone and if that number doesn't exist as the rewards number, you can create one account for that store as kind of a contribution to the privacy community. So that you can still get the 5 cent discount on bananas, but you don't have to sign up for the card. Yeah. Which is cool. But kind of to your broader point, Janine, whether or not I've been by bananas or oranges is maybe not that interesting, but if you're a healthcare company, I would love to know what my subscribers are buying and who's buying alcohol and fatty foods and processed foods and who's buying vegetables and whatever, right? To make assumptions about subscribers and how much fees I should charge them and what they're health expectancies are. And there was actually just recently some information that came out on the Canadian chain Tim Hortons, which is coffee and donuts, right? And their app was monitoring user movement. So when it left when the user would leave home or arrive at certain locations, it was triggering events. And so that's another food provider, right? That is monitoring information and they're using it for marketing, but who knows who inside of Tim Hortons has that information? Or who's reselling that information? Who's buying it?

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