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President Trump, Carter, Reagan discussed on The Lake Show with Henry Lake


Name is Gerry S. par that was a special agent in charge of the presidential protective division U. S. secret service and just made the transition from president Carter to president Reagan when we came to this hotel on March thirtieth nineteen eighty one and this was the one hundred and tense time I think we did some checks that a president since early since the early seventies maybe nineteen seventy two I've come to the Washington Hilton so it was sort of a a routine kind of day after the speech is over we had a car park I was right behind the president when I hear the shots two shots very quickly and then for more very quickly and because we have television cameras on the president we know exactly how long it took those shots it took one point seven or one point eight seconds that's less than two seconds to fire all six shots Washington post reporter del Quentin Wilber author of rawhide down recounts a shots fired from his perspective that day the first one it's Jim Brady the press secretary for the head he falls down the second one it's time they'll hit the who's a DC police officer who turned around to check on the president's progress gets in the back fault insurance I'm hit it's around now the path of the present it's clear it's wide open Hinckley has an.

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President Trump, Carter, Reagan discussed on The Lake Show with Henry Lake

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