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Is happening. We will not arrive in time to save the planet in the netherlands. Dutch pension fund giant. Ab p. says it'll divest more than seventeen billion dollars assets from fossil fuel companies ahead of the cop twenty six. Un climate summit which opens next week in glasgow ap said as recently as june it would keep its fossil fuel investments but reverse course amid widespread protests and legal challenges. In britain facebook whistle blower francis haugen testified before the british parliament for more than two hours. Monday providing more damning evidence and how the social media giant prioritized profitability while allowing misinformation and violent and hateful content to spread on its platform. How testimony came as the united kingdom and the european union or both expected to introduce new digital and consumer protection measures. You know mark zuckerberg is a has unilateral control over three billion people right. There's no will at the top to make sure these systems are ryan inadequately safeway. And i think until we bring in counterweight things will be operated for. The shareholders interest not for public interest francis how turned over thousands of pages of internal facebook documents to us. Regulators which are now the basis of the damning series of reports facebook. Papers that are being published this week. We'll have more on those revelations after headlines in guatemala indigenous leaders are denouncing the government's enactment of a month-long twelve hour curfew and a ban on public gatherings in the northern coastal town of stored in retaliation for protests against the nickel mining projects. Some five hundred soldiers have also been deployed to the region indigenous communities. Say they were never consulted on plans. For the massive mining project led by the swiss-based solway investment group in recent days guatemalan police and military violently repressed peaceful protests led by maya catchy indigenous communities who say the mind would have catastrophic impacts on land water and people. Amnesty international is closing. Its hong kong office by the end of the month citing fears for the safety of staff working under sweeping national security law imposed by chinese authorities in beijing. Amnesty's regional headquarters will close before years and in a statement. Amnesty international said hong kong's national security law has quote made it effectively impossible for human rights organizations in hong kong to work freely without fear of serious reprisals from the government. They said turkish president trip. Type air doin has reversed plans to order the expulsion of ten foreign ambassadors from nato allies. The diplomatic row began after diplomats from the us and its allies issued a joint statement urging the release of turkish political prisoner. Oestmann kevollah back in the united states. A new safety report released by the ride hailing app lift is shedding light on an increasing number of sexual assaults during rides in recent years over four thousand reports of sexual violence were made from two thousand seventeen to nineteen at least three hundred sixty where reports of rape the report also listed ten deaths from physical assaults from two thousand seventeen to two thousand nineteen. It's been three years since. I pledge to disclose the information along with its rival uber as both companies have come under fire over sexual violence and other serious safety problems in virginia. Jury selection has begun in federal civil trial that charges the organizers of the deadly white supremacist unite the right rally in two thousand seventeen with an unlawful conspiracy to commit violent acts the lawsuit sites in eighteen. Seventy one law known as the ku klux klan act which allows private citizens to sue other citizens for civil rights violations and. The white house has rejected former president. Trump's latest claims of executive privilege again as he attempts to block the handing over of documents requested by the congressional committee investigating the january six cents direction at the capitol. Trump is already filed a lawsuit to stop the national archives from releasing documents to congress is part of the probe. The national archives set to begin turning over records to the us house of representatives next month unless trump wins a court order to block the request and those are some the headlines. This is democracy now democracy now dot or the warren peace report. I mean me. Goodman in new york joined by democracy now co swung then solace a new brunswick new jersey. High one hi. Amy and welcome to all of our listeners and viewers across the country and around the world thousands of pages of internal documents leaked by former facebook. Product manager turned whistleblower. Francis hogan are now the basis of a damning series of reports called the facebook papers being published this week. They show how the company's choices prioritize profits over safety and how it tried to hide its own research from investors in the public. A new story published this morning by the associated press finds the facebook documents show. The platform ignored some of its own researchers suggestions for addressing vaccine misinformation facebook. Chief executive mark zuckerberg pushed back monday. During an earnings call with investors calling the reports published quote coordinated effort to selectively us leaked documents to paint a false picture of our company unquote but fallout from the facebook papers continues to generate political support for increased regulation after testifying before congress earlier this month on monday. How can testified for more than two hours before the british parliament as the united kingdom and the european union are both planning to introduce new digital and consumer protection measures. She spoke about the social harm generated. One facebook's platform is used to spread hate speech in incite violence without adequate content moderation in local languages such an ethiopia which is now engulfed by civil war. I think it is a grave danger to democracy societies around the world to omit societal harm to give like a core part of why i came forward was i looked at the consequences of choices. Facebook was making. And i looked at things like the global south and i believe situations like ethiopia are just part of the opening chapters of a novel that is going to be horrific to read right. We have to care about societal harm. Not just for the global south but our own societies because like i said before when oil spill happens it doesn't make it harder for us to regulate oil companies but right now. Facebook is closing the door on us being able to act like we have a slight window of time to regain people control over a i. We have to take advantage of this moment. Francis hogan's testimony comes as the news outlet. The verge reports facebook plans to change. Its company name this week to reflect its transition from a social media company to being metaverse company. Facebook has already announced plans to hire thousands of engineers to work in europe on the metaverse in the coming weeks how to schedule to meet with officials in france germany and the european union for more. We're joined by ramesh lavar son professor of information studies at the university of california los angeles. Ucla where he also directs the digital cultures lab. Welcome back to democracy. Now it's great to have you with us professor on. Can you talk about the significance of what has been released so.

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