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Party that believes in democracy. Or Authoritarians party based on big lies, conspiracy theories and in fact movement toward violence, and I hope the Republicans make the right decision and come down on the side of democracy. Or they'll be canceled out, right? Yeah, because if you support Trump, you voted for Trump And you outwardly voice that bin you're canceled. See that to me is not dissenting debate. That's dictatorial censorship is what that is. I mean, when used as intended executive orders. What are they? What are they supposed to be for toe Help mitigate a crisis. Right? Um, democracy. That's the best answer. And in to rule by executive order, continually like Biden has done in the last 10 days. That's not democracy by anyone's definition. Um all right. I'm sorry. That's the way I feel it, Z Ruling a nation. Especially like the United States by executive order is not democracy. It's a dictatorship. Andy in Farmersville, Andy, how you doing? I'm doing and her probably better than you are. You probably have all the nerves. You know, It's not it Z tell you it's not the pain that keeps me up at night. It's just wondering. You know the process How that works. Well, I've had five I'm 37. I've had five my first one night was a 13 months old. My last one was in 2014. And as a kid remembering what it was like. And the last one that I had. Pain management. They have down to a science now. Others. Yeah, they get you ahead of the curve, So you don't You don't ever get really bad and paint. Wait a minute, do five open heart surgeries and a stroke. So you obviously have had some kind of Wasn't a genetic issue or or what it was. It was a congenital birth defect. Okay? All right. I had a bad day or itself. As though they've replaced that a couple times now, and I've got a porcine valve now and hopefully when I go to have that replace, they'll just be able to float it and not have to crack me open again, like like you're talking about Yeah, I'm not looking forward to that. I've had Red bones wired, and that's never a fun time. Well, like the wife color that you have talking about it. The recovery the next day. It's what I was gonna disappoint I was going to make. They're gonna want you to walk and I won't why I was comfortable. But their recovery time way up. So I mean, a zoo much is it? Not what you want to do it help! I know we're all praying for you. Well, listen, Andy. I appreciate, especially coming from the position that you're coming from five open heart surgeries and And I'm just facing one. So, Andy, I appreciate the kind words and the background. I appreciate it very, very much. Let's go to Steven in Grand Prairie. Stephen, how you doing? I'm doing good thoughts and prayers are with you and on Lee suggestion I have is that you put a sign on your door that says no comedians allowed because that fella won't say here. Uh, I've got a pretty dry sense of humor. I'll try to ratchet it back a little bit. Okay. Well, I'm gonna make three points and I'll let you comment on him or first one is. Where are the We're on all these appointed judges. Standing up against these executive orders like they did during the Trump administration. Right Clicking is my wife is for all these people had time to go to rallies get involved in the foundation of your politics, the school boards Hey, man, City Council's a man all that because until you start fixing the problem at that level Enjoy the ride. And in my third point is for the people who are giving the money and you know, I've I've heard your callers what I do when I get Money like my last $600. I got I go by 6 $100 gift cards. I take him to my church. And they given to people who are honestly you need because I'm doing fine. My wife's retired. We're okay. We don't need the money, but at least my church gets it to people who do need the money. And was that Best wishes on what you're going to go through and I'll let you respond. I appreciate it very much. Yeah, I I would like to know where those conservative judges are as well because by my reckoning there no conservative judges out there. There may be a few here and there but for the life of me, they don't. They don't show up when you need him, so I would agree with you on that. And those I mean these executive orders. I mean, they can be, uh, they can be reversed. They could be They can expire, obviously, but, you know, they carry the weight of law, you know, and you talk about what you're doing with your $600 check. You know, I had an interesting conversation yesterday. You've heard me talk about David prints. He owns Eagle Gun range on, but I think David had a family gathering and And I don't know, you know, tossing and turning and up and down, And I just need to go throw some rounds through that Beretta. So, um, I went out to his other location. And method manager out there. Damn Vita, and I'm telling you what man, you would be hard pressed to find a guy that was more accommodating than Dan Vita and I went out and took the bread out and ran about 50 rounds through it, but We got to talking about raising money for fallen officers, and you know other people were chime in in about, you know? Yeah, Yeah, really. I truly believe. Based on you know what I saw out there legal gun range and some other things. You know, before the federal government got in the business of being your daddy churches, just like you're talking about Steven. In different groups. You know, they you know, they picked up the mantle of of, you know, taking care of those in the community that had fallen on hard times. And you know, if what I saw a loud yesterday it was in the afternoon was any indication. No, that spirit of Americans still out there and you know we were damn it..

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