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By the way, you know who's a bigger band in rush White town. They did that song, your woman. Hello, caller. Go ahead. Tree. From the 7 to 7. Hello. You're hearing my voice right now, And I'm hearing your call. Hydra. Grab alive. Who are you? J. J. J. J. J, What's happening? Not much, man. Just ready to play this game with some cool Oh, man. Thanks for Thanks for saying that in a million. That sounds hurtful. Alright, Senor, is this jam into these? Or Aborigines. Chairman to these That's an aboriginal band called Colored Stone, My good man. 77 579 to 5 and 807 71125 O's Bracho alive. Hello? Who are you? Yeah. Antonio I Antonio. It's this guy. What's this guy's deal? He talks like this. Hi, Antonio. You know, I am. I mean, I know, I know you've got a distinct got a distinct voice. It's neither good nor bad. No, I know it's a male child board. I'd like to play the game, though. It's not the nails on a chalkboard sounds way better. All right. I'm gonna play you a clip, Anthony, and you're going to tell me if this is Aborigines or jammed to these Beverage. That's acoustic syndicate, a jam band. And now people are second guessing themselves alive. Who are you playing a game? All right, Carl. Is this Aborigines or jam to these? Cause jam these that's an aboriginal band called Dream Mirror. You're right. This is a great one. John. You gotta live. Who are you? Areas. Gordon Gordon here to play today's game. Yes, sir. All right jam to these. For Aborigines. James, please. That's an aboriginal band called Go on. You know what I discovered through this game is that I think I'm a fan of Aboriginal music. So did I. Well building and I found I was thinking it was going to be just very different from there's some of that stuff. But you know, the the Aborigines. Music has really evolved over the years. It seems I thought that we would be hearing a bunch of bands that sounded like an Outback commercial. But instead these air these air, pretty kick ass bands. Should've alive. Who are you? I am Jo Jo. You're up in the mix with our three o'clock game going plucking in the prize patch with Aborigines or jam to these jam bands or bands composed of Aboriginal Australians. Are you here to play it? Yes, but before I play, I wanted to say I did get your land Surveyors matter. It's empty. I had to force feed that on you. It doesn't mean anything. No. I was actually hoping you would follow up and see if he was serving to build a wonderwall. Ah, if we would. What if he was serving so that he could build a Wonderwall? Oh, I get it. Can ruin my job. Alright anyway, enough of my comedy. I'll play the game. Thank you eyes this Aborigines or jam to these Average.

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