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To cops don't talk to Maggie we're almost there there's also in Piedmont aids a completely quiet room one thing to note there please don't go into that space with anything that's like an aggressive sense for instance right try to be chill right take a deep breath I feel better before you say anything folks there's nothing I can add here I may be able to clarify a point things out but what when I hear this can I tell my honest reaction is I feel so so I really do I feel so sorry for these people and I wonder what the hell has happened to them and what how how they're just being robbed these people are being robbed of a normal life in the greatest country on earth by all of these really extreme crazy influences and it is it that they're seeking some high end of relevance and and meaning and they are there there are finding it or trying to find it in some of the oddest places I'm sure this guy probably thinks that he was a hero by warning people not to make noise there are all locked and warning people that there were right wing infiltrators trying to get in here don't talk to anybody doesn't have a credential don't talk to the cops don't talk to any of these magga Buchholz we're almost there and then in Piedmont eight another ball room simply Lee quiet room but one thing to note please don't go in there with anything like an aggressive samt which could be anything from somebody expelling gas to putting on too much perfume look at all of the restrictions these people want to put on each other look at all of the shaming that they want to do on it and look at what kind of behavior it is that draws plaudits all and how about in the first bite yeah I didn't I didn't miss it the moderator saying thank you Conrad are we serious here thank you com read for those of you don't know that's how the old Soviet Union communists addressed each other they were comrades so here at the national socialist convention somebody speaks in and complains about the noise as being distracting preventing some poor guy from focusing thank you comrade thank you thank you comment and then this other guy stood up so he was sick and tired of the gender in the language to address everybody but this this is who these people are and you talk about how do you how you want to grab her shoulders and check of say what happened to you what what what is it that has that has caused you what I can answer my own question where do they work no sensory overload I don't know that they do work maps there there's there there's really a disconnect here in a lot of people think that well if we can just find a way to reach these people and convert them I don't know that we know how folks I don't I wouldn't know if I walked in there and if I were is anonymous I was invisible walked in there and have the objective of trying to get these people to check back into reality what would you do now moving on we have three more I think it's remind everybody of that is nine total is a guy that's written a book on talk radio there have been a lot of people have written books on talk radio none of them got it and I've even talked to a couple of it amazes me out this guy's focus on talk radio happens to be me and this program I did not talk to this guy I don't know who he is before I ran into the sound bites but it is interesting to me nevertheless the all of the books about talk radio how many of them totally miss either the history of the modern era which began with the show in August of nineteen eighty eight and then what has happened since then but this guy kind of gets it his name is Victor there Brian Rosen Wally was on CNN Saturday so nobody saw this which is why I want to share of these sound bites with you Michael smirked Commish was talking to him about his new book talk radio's America and summer coming says you you say it wasn't the escalator ride that began the trump candidacy it was actually August first nineteen eighty eight it began the trump candidacy how come that's the day Rush Limbaugh takes his act national and it's a great show and people tune in and they start this habit forming this habit of listening to talk radio and then later cable news and what they hear every day is calls for fighter you know it doesn't make for good radio to say Hey new wants compromise that that stuff's boring but fighting that that's good radio and Donald Trump captured that ethos so this guy is claiming that this program is what effectively set the stage laid the groundwork for trump to come in now many people think that talk radio is combative and is filled with the tax there's an attack as I have pointed out I don't know how many times this program is actually nuanced there is more policy no wants on this program that you'll find on NPR what you'll find in the New York times and the reason for that is that we look at both sides of everything I do a better job of explaining what liberals believe in what their policies will mean then they do they of course on their programming totally ignored the substance of we are we're just racist or not white supremacists or big it's and their mission not with us is to discredit us and discarded alright you who listen to this program know more about American liberalism in the American laugh then people that do not listen to this program as far as this attack business going I've always said don't attack anybody I'm minding my own business I get up every day and I look at the things that I believe in the institutions traditions people that I believe under assault every day and I defend them now some people think defending things is an attack but I'm telling you it isn't if they left us alone if they left us alone they weren't lying about us mis characterizing isn't so four would be the attacks here there would be explanations of who they are which they do consider to be an attack next question not lest anybody think the book is a hit job on rush you give Limbaugh props being a master showman and day performing virtuoso he blazed a path he created entirely different media form from anything that ever existed before because it's a great show you know early in his time on the air he would abort callers he would play a vacuum cleaner sound effect you hear screams in the background as he's hanging up on the caller there were things that nobody ever seen or heard and people have to tune in every day because they never knew what he was gonna set he was simply giving voice to the bedrock conservative sentiments that he'd grown up with and that his audience hat it wasn't like he was some sort of puppet master who you know directed his audience to believe fix his audience already believe this guy gets it I had this guy gets it more than anybody that I've ever encountered writing either about talk radio in general or about this program we have time for one more yeah there's one more males will stick with it next question there's this mind set out there the whole talk landscape was controlled by individuals eager to spread conservative wisdom in the book that's not the conclusion you're rich the motivation as Russ always said was to charge confiscatory advertising rates which means how can we make the most money what's the best most engaging show that we can put on every single day and that didn't always work with what Republicans want to do at times Republicans would say Hey this is the best deal we can cut and talk radio would say no stand up and fight for us you know fight for our values third the rolling over again for the mainstream media for Democrats that's all they do they just roll over and that's the sentiment that helps you know give us Donald Trump that's Brian Rosenwald as his name the name is book is talk radio's America and I'm not I'm not trying to endorse it I've been holding the sound bites here all week it just didn't seem appropriate to play them in the aftermath of the shooting and so forth but now the time permitted itself and I just I have to say that he's got a being a new once a more nuanced understanding and actually he's a good listener I have not been secretive about what the purpose of this program as he just happened to hear it and believe it hi Mike please we need him more than ever rush a leaky I.

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