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Oliver stone speaking of satan and we as we as we got a report that from our friend larry o'connor who's down at the british embassy for the protests over the twenty three month old baby who the state is going to snuff out because they've had enough of that annoying little twenty three month old and they're going to kill it because they're the state don't you know who they are and lives are all with the state because how else do you kill one hundred million people in one hundred years you know you know how do you start that's how it's like now in every march of a thousand miles begins with the first step you're gonna kill one hundred million people you begin by killing the first person and and the left they major in that they're good but speaking of satan oliver stone he made some movies and a couple of them were pretty good movies but he's a lunatic and i think everyone knows that his brain melted down long ago oliver stone is in iran iran iraq iran i speak very very fluent spanish he is there for a film festival everybody's they're all the hip kids are in tehran for the big film festival and and and while in iran iran they call us the great satan right and as the audio i played of president trump earlier pointed out iran isn't messing with us anymore not since obama left they're not setting their little boats out to circle around and ray set our worships and stuff because you know president trump order the little bearded lunatics blasted out of the water and even they don't wanna die that much just to get seventy two raisins i mean what good is seventytwo raisins gonna do you in paradise you're done in like three minutes and what about the virgins and the virgins they're never you just get the the raisins you know there are sunkissed there from california they're american there from the head of the beast so in iran they call us the great satan and all of that stuff so oliver stone who's kind of a typical hollywood liberal flies private tells everybody else to reduce their carbon carbon footprints and has giant mentioned like sprawling estate with servants who are undoubtedly illegal and he doesn't pay taxes or social security firm typical liberal but he went to iran for what's supposed to and they're.

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